160px-Official_Portrait_of_President_Donald_Trump_(cropped)Michael Cohen is reportedly ready to give Special Counsel Robert Mueller key testimony contradicting not only President Donald Trump but the sworn testimony of his son, Donald Trump Jr. He will reportedly say that Trump was aware of the planned meeting with the Russians in Trump Tower.   Such testimony may also contradict Cohen’s own statements, which would make a deal all the most essential with Mueller.  Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis has announced that “Cohen is trying to reset his life  . . . This is a turn for him. It’s a new resolve to tell the truth no matter what, even if it endangers him.”  It certainly could be dangerous if it contradicts sworn testimony or statement to investigators

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6 thoughts on “Cohen Reportedly Ready To Testify That Trump Knew Of The Planned Russian Meeting In Trump Tower

  1. He’s going about this in a way that may well make Mueller not all that interested in cutting a deal with him. He should keep his mouth shut and let his lawyers work out a deal. However, that wouldn’t be as much fun to watch as this. Trump’s already bashing him on Twitter. What a circus.

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    • Yes, Jonathan Turley has been repeatedly questioning Cohen’s legal acumen and professionalism. But, he’s such a key figure that Mueller may have to deal with him. It’s a circus, indeed.

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  3. I hear the idea tossed around that Cohen may be willing to hold out and not speak, and that if he’s indicted, found guilty, Trump will pardon him. We are in a time that America has never seen before. I do believe that the USA has fallen, and it is over. People say the answer is to vote — but why? If Putin’s Russia is manipulating the vote, the the winners of the mid-terms will be whoever Putin wants.
    Is there hope? If there is, tell me where the hope is?


    • Cohen is cooperating with prosecutors and speaking rather loudly. Trump and his supporters are enraged by this and have publicly branded him as a disloyal turncoat. I think a pardon is now off the table.

      If people don’t vote, they are willingly giving up any chance of turning America towards a more positive future. Such a capitulation to the likes of Trump would be egregiously stupid and cowardly.

      Putin doesn’t control the outcome of U.S. elections. He has been attempting to undermine the democratic process by fueling the fires of discontent in the populace (i.e. turning people against each other) and by spreading the false idea that ordinary Americans are helpless and powerless.

      Forget “hope.” That’s a cop-out. America is doomed if its citizens cower timidly inside their bedrooms waiting for the end to come. In times of crisis, action is demanded. Exercise your rights while you still have them. Vote, speak your mind, get involved. If I’m going down, I’ll do so kicking, screaming, and fighting.

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      • Exercise your rights while you still have them.

        That’s a very scary statement and would probably never be uttered under any other conditions. We simply MUST get back some control!

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