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In spite of Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell warning Russia to “quit messing around in our elections,” Russians have not stopped.  They continue their influence and propaganda.  With social media such as Facebook and Twitter taking note and making changes, Russian propagandists have turned to Word Press blogs.

Earlier this year, I received notifications from Word Press for email followers.  I didn’t pay much attention to the first one because there are people who follow this blog via email who do not have Word Press accounts to comment.   When I received two more notifications on the same day, and they too had Outlook email addresses, I knew that was not usual.  I checked a Word Press forum and found that others were experiencing the same and were concerned about it.

A thread in one Word Press forum began in January 2018.   Also in January, a blogger named Ray wrote…

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27 thoughts on “Russian Infiltration Of Word Press Blogs

  1. This might explain why some day i found that under “referrers” that someone had got on to my site through the Russian wikipedia. (I know enough Russian to figure out there was [em]no[/em] link to my site on the Wp-Rus main page to my site.)

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      • Sure it is. But at least this might make at least some sense as it was a referral to my main site (republic of lagrangia) which does actually discuss political theory. However, I got all those phantom followers at my other site (fascinating future), which is devoted to (science) fiction, primarily my own work and occasional reviews, but hardly any current affairs.

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  3. Thanks for sharing this info, Robert. I was spooked by all the new followers with only Outlook email addresses, but, thankfully, did not try to contact any of said followers.

    I’ve also received lots of “What?” responses to my posts that were automatically sent to my spam folder.

    As to the blogs about “Christianity,” I’ll have to treat those with caution.

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  4. You know what, Bob, I have seen these things I got tired.
    There are days my spam comments is just what?
    Then other days, it’s Russian comments and links to escorts or something which I don’t open. I mean, an escort in Russia will not help me, you see 🙂
    I will check email followers and clear them. I get so many of those and I am not even famous!

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