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    I found out an easy way to reblog posts to the group site. Since it would be way too overwhelming for us all to add follows to the new group blog (for blogs we follow), we’ll have to just copy and paste the web addresses of posts we want to reblog and insert them into a new post. Just use the same method you’d use to link anything into your blog. So we’ll basically be creating links to stuff we want to reblog (instead of clicking “reblog.” Clicking reblog will only reblog stuff to your individual blogs, not the group blog.) I just realized that I’ve been able to reblog only because I’m the site administrator (my name and account is automatically linked to the group blog site.)

    I’m also working on creating a Yahoo group for internal communication within the group. I really want us to feel connected.

    So that’s done. This means that the new group blog I set up is a go! Here’s the link if you haven’t been to it yet (you can start posting whatever you want now)-


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    We’re going to start using Google Hangouts now for in-group communications. Google Hangouts is good because we can either instant message or video chat with each other. We’ll just do it when we need to talk as a group.

    I previously said that we’d use WordPress to do this, but I realized that when anyone posts anything marked “private,” only I can see it. That’s no good!

    I’ll post more info tomorrow as to how to set up an account. It’s very easy- if you already have a Google+ or Gmail account, you can sign in using your info from those accounts.

    How does everyone feel about a site for group communication? Do you think it’s needed? I like the idea, but I don’t want to push it on everyone if we don’t think we need it.

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    • It depends on the future direction and dynamic of the group, I suppose. Right now, it’s probably not needed but I’ll defer to your judgement. You can count me in.

      Since group members could be in any conceivable time zone, wouldn’t direct communication like video chat be kind of problematic?


      • I just found out that Google Groups would work perfectly for our group. It’s basically a discussion forum. Only members of our group can join, and anyone else we invite. I set up the page a little while ago. Time zones shouldn’t be a problem in a discussion forum setting.
        I’m sending you an email to invite you into the group now.


        (I’m just typing this again because I forgot to type this in reply box! So disregard the message below this one!)

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  4. I got a notification saying I am now following – it must have done it automatically, after I commented. That’s happened on other blogs. Pretty clever! 🙂

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