Confused by the impeachment proceedings of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff? It seems like Brazil is trying to stop political corruption by holding Rousseff accountable. Doesn’t it? Glenn Greenwald begs to differ. He says, “The real goal is to protect corruption.” …

“Brazil’s Senate has forged ahead with impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff, despite an earlier move by the interim house speaker to derail the process. The previous house speaker, Eduardo Cunha, had led the bid to oust Rousseff, before he himself was suspended over corruption. On Monday, his replacement, Waldir Maranhão, sought to annul the lower house’s vote in favor of impeachment charges, citing procedural flaws. But the speaker apparently reversed course in the middle of the night, releasing a statement reversing his decision, without explanation. The Senate appears poised to vote Wednesday on whether to put Rousseff on trial; if a majority side against her, she would be suspended. We…

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4 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald on Brazil: Goal of Rousseff Impeachment is to Boost Neoliberals & Protect Corruption | Democracy Now!

  1. Interesting. This is not a new theory, and given just how corrupt these politicians are here, it’s certainly believable. The one ray of light here is that the Supreme Court seems to have grown some balls and appear more than just a little worried that a few ceremonial heads lopped off won’t do it. There is a huge movement (Fora Tudo) who want them all thrown into jail. Public support is firmly behind the Federal Police, and Bar associations across the country have stood up to be counted. This is good. This is what seems to be motivating the SC, and for now, they appear to be willing to go the full hog. We can only hope.

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    • Thanks John. I realize you normally don’t blog on political topics, but this one seems well-suited for your excellent perspective considering how close to home it is. Sorry for my prodding, but you really should write a post on this. 🙂


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