By Robert A. Vella

While his buddy Vladimir Putin is rushing to the aid of the Belarusian dictator who rigged the recent election to remain in power, President Trump has moved to conceal evidence of Russian interference in the U.S. 2020 election intended to help him get reelected.

This is the action of a traitor.

At the same time, tensions between racial injustice protesters and white supremacist agitators are being spurred by Trump and his supporters while police either show indifference or are openly biased against the protesters.

This is the face of fascism.

The presidential election campaign remains relatively unchanged since the Democratic and Republican conventions.  Despite partisan editorializing of some individual polls, the polling averages continue to show solid leads for Joe Biden nationally and in the swing states, and it continues to show high disapproval numbers for Donald Trump.  However, this could shift rather significantly if the American public perceives the racial injustice protests as violent and wantonly destructive.  The Black Lives Matter movement needs to work hard to keep the protests peaceful no matter how much they are provoked by Trump and white supremacists.

This is the state of our democracy.

Trump conceals Russian interference

From:  Schiff says it is possible House could subpoena intelligence officials to testify on election interference

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff said Sunday it is possible the House could subpoena intelligence officials to testify on election interference, a day after Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe informed members of Congress that the nation’s top intelligence office will no longer deliver in-person briefings on election security issues.

Asked by CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union” if he would subpoena intelligence officials to appear in a public hearing ahead of the November election, Schiff said it “is certainly one of the tools that we may use.”

“I can’t speak for what decision ultimately we’ll make. That’s a decision that will have to go to the speaker,” he said, referring to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Intelligence gathered on foreign interference in the 2020 election, Schiff said, belongs to the American public, not President Donald Trump.

“This intelligence paid for by taxpayers doesn’t belong to Donald Trump, it doesn’t belong to the intelligence agencies, it belongs to the American people. The agencies are merely the custodians of that information,” Schiff, a California Democrat, told Bash.

“And the American people ought to know what Russia is doing, they ought to know their President is unwilling to stand up to Vladimir Putin,” Schiff added, continuing later: “And that information belongs to the American people, it doesn’t belong to Donald Trump.”

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Protest updates

From:  Kenosha police arrest food distribution volunteers

Nine people arrested by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for allegedly being outside agitators were in town city to distribute food to protesters, a director of the nonprofit kitchen said Saturday.

Jennifer Scheurle, who serves on the board of directors for Riot Kitchen, based in Seattle, said Kenosha police were mistaken when they arrested the volunteers Wednesday for investigation of disorderly conduct.

“We’re not there to stir up anything,” Scheurle said. “We just want to feed people. We support protesters of any kind.”

The nine were released from jail Friday on about $150 bail each, paid with the help of donations, she said.

The Kenosha Police Department said it focused on three vehicles associated with the group after receiving a tip from a citizen “alerting us to several suspicious vehicles with out-of-state plates.”

Officers and U.S. marshals surveilled the black school bus, food truck and minivan and moved in for arrests when the suspects attempted to fill gas cans with fuel at a gas station, the department said.

The driver of the minivan “attempted to drive away,” Kenosha police said, and when officers caught up with it, they “forced entry.” In video posted to social media and shared by Scheurle, police are seen breaking a minivan window after one officer shouts, “Get the [expletive] out.”

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Book excerpt: “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” – In “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” (Random House), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Isabel Wilkerson digs beneath historic, systemic racism to examine social hierarchies that transcend classifications based on race, gender or class, within America’s borders and beyond.

Election news

Trump’s favorability and perceptions of COVID-19 response stagnate [after party conventions]: POLL

Democrats with [new] voter registration advantage [in swing states]

Biden campaign claims ‘Keep America Great’ [internet] domain [name], slams Trump’s ‘promises’

50,000 people in Iowa will need to request another absentee ballot after a judge sided with the Trump campaign and invalidated their requests

As states make voting easier during the pandemic, Tennessee is moving in the other direction

Coronavirus pandemic

Global coronavirus cases surpass 25 million [and 843,000 deaths] as pandemic strains nations around the world

India sets new world record with 78,761 virus cases in one day [as economy continues to reopen]

Brazil surpasses 120,000 Covid deaths

U.S. coronavirus cases approach 6 million as Midwest, schools face outbreaks

U.S. Will Revive Global Virus-Hunting Effort Ended Last Year [by Trump]

Other headlines

Tens of thousands march in Belarus capital despite massive police presence

[Vladimir] Putin passes on ‘warm wishes’ to embattled [Belarusian leader Alexander] Lukashenko, as tanks are seen in Minsk amid protests

Germany politicians condemn far-right flags outside parliament

Berlin Protest Against Virus Restrictions Ends in Clashes

An Israeli [secret] plan from 1969 to resettle 60,000 Gazans in Paraguay has been uncovered in a declassified state archive

Major internet outage: Dozens of websites and apps are down

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