By Robert A. Vella

Today we’ll just share some important news headlines concerning the coronavirus pandemic, the latest impetuous shenanigans from President Trump, outrage over another black man killed by police plus an admission of racism by the U.S. military, two court rulings and an update on the criminal investigation of insider trading by four U.S. Senators.

Coronavirus pandemic

WHO says the Americas are new COVID-19 epicenter as deaths surge in Latin America

France bans use of hydroxychloroquine to cure coronavirus

COVID-19 cases among health care workers top 62,000, CDC says

CDC: Don’t Rely on Coronavirus Antibody Tests for Decisions on Schools, Workplaces

Questions about COVID-19 test accuracy raised across the testing spectrum

How COVID-19 Is Being Underreported in Most States

Trump shenanigans

Trump again tweets about Scarborough conspiracy, despite heavy criticism

Trump threatens to shutter social media companies after Twitter warning

Trump’s mockery of wearing masks divides Republicans

[Conservative anti-Trump] George Conway group [The Lincoln Project] lines up body bags in ad hitting Trump on coronavirus deaths

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley: Trump has failed to justify ouster of watchdogs, fueling political speculation

Murder and Racism

Police in riot gear fire rubber bullets and tear gas at thousands of protestors demanding the arrest of four Minneapolis cops involved in the death of black man George Floyd

George Floyd’s family says four officers involved in his death should be charged with murder

Air Force admits ‘persistent and consistent racial’ bias against black airmen, records show

Courts and Investigations

U.S. Supreme Court rejects request to block at-risk prisoner transfers

Supreme Court declines case on marijuana decriminalization measures blocked from local ballots

Justice Department closing stock investigations into Loeffler, Inhofe, Feinstein