By Robert A. Vella

Faced with increasing analysis and polling which indicate that President Trump‘s chances for being reelected this November are fading, he has returned to a previous strategy calling for the economy to be “reopened” – that is, ending or scaling back “stay at home” instructions intended to control the spread of coronavirus.  To reinforce this strategy, Trump is also opposing the ramping-up of COVID-19 testing which medical professionals urge as necessary to limit the severity and extent of the pandemic.  These experts, along with leading economists, warn that the only way to restore the economy is to first solve the public health crisis.

Trump is ignoring such expertise because he thinks he knows better.  That’s why his administration is now cutting back on federally funded testing programs.  Unfortunately for the American people, new evidence keeps emerging about the virality of this virus and the dangers it poses to human lives and society.  Today, South Korean officials reported that some people who had apparently recovered from the infection are experiencing relapses (see:  South Korea Reports Recovered Coronavirus Patients Testing Positive Again).  This suggests that COVID-19 poses particular difficulties for human immune systems, and that the pandemic could last much longer than what was anticipated.

Here’s today’s news:

From:  Trump Keeps Talking. Some Republicans Don’t Like What They’re Hearing.

WASHINGTON — In his daily briefings on the coronavirus, President Trump has brandished all the familiar tools in his rhetorical arsenal: belittling Democratic governors, demonizing the media, trading in innuendo and bulldozing over the guidance of experts.

It’s the kind of performance the president relishes, but one that has his advisers and Republican allies worried.

As unemployment soars and the death toll skyrockets, and new polls show support for the president’s handling of the crisis sagging, White House allies and Republican lawmakers increasingly believe the briefings are hurting the president more than helping him. Many view the sessions as a kind of original sin from which all of his missteps flow, once he gets through his prepared script and turns to his preferred style of extemporaneous bluster and invective.


The consternation reflects a new sense of urgency over Mr. Trump’s re-election efforts as Joseph R. Biden Jr. emerges as his likely Democratic challenger. Three new polls this week show Mr. Biden leading the president, and the Trump campaign’s internal surveys show he has mostly lost the initial bump he received early in the crisis, according to three people briefed on the numbers. Public polls show he badly trails the nation’s governors and his own medical experts in terms of whom Americans trust most for guidance.


Yet the publicity-obsessed president is unlikely to relinquish his grip on the evening sessions: Mr. Trump has told aides he relishes the free television time and boffo ratings that come with his appearances, administration officials say.

From:  Pence’s office blocks public health officials from appearing on CNN

Vice President Mike Pence’s office has declined to allow the nation’s top health officials to appear on CNN in recent days and discuss the coronavirus pandemic killing thousands of Americans, in an attempt to pressure the network into carrying the White House’s lengthy daily briefings in full.

Pence’s office, which is responsible for booking the officials on networks during the pandemic, said it will only allow experts such as Dr. Deborah Birx or Dr. Anthony Fauci to appear on CNN if the network televises the portion of the White House briefings that includes the vice president and other coronavirus task force members.

From:  U.S. coronavirus deaths top 17,000: Reuters tally

(Reuters) – U.S. deaths due to the coronavirus topped 17,000 on Friday, according to a Reuters tally, although there are signs that Americans staying home was curbing new infections.

U.S. officials warned Americans to expect alarming numbers of coronavirus deaths this week, even as there was evidence that the number of new infections was flattening in New York state, the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak.

With many Americans celebrating the Easter holiday on Sunday, the top U.S. infectious disease expert warned on Friday that it is too early to relax restrictions on Americans.

“Now is no time to back off,” Dr. Anthony Fauci said.

The number of U.S. deaths is now the second highest in the world. Over 1,900 new deaths have been reported three days in a row, according a Reuters tally.

From:  Fed Chair Powell says U.S. economy deteriorating with alarming speed

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome H. Powell said Thursday the U.S. economy is in an emergency and is deteriorating “with alarming speed.” His remarks came shortly after the central bank unveiled over $2 trillion in new loans to keep the economy afloat as much of the nation goes into a lockdown to fight the spread of the deadly coronavirus.


Powell called for a national discussion about what it will take to reopen the economy, but he urged caution about moving too quickly and triggering another spike in coronavirus cases and deaths. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said it’s possible businesses can reopen in May. Powell said sometime after July is more likely.

From:  Federal support to end for coronavirus testing sites

The Trump administration is pulling back federal support of testing sites by the end of the week, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, amid ongoing concerns over testing shortages nationwide.

The so-called Community-Based Testing Sites program was intended to jumpstart initial testing capabilities to critical areas across the US, according to the agency. But given FDA approval for individuals to self-administer nasal swab tests at sites, the demand for personal protective equipment and trained health care providers will be reduced, a FEMA spokesperson said in a statement.

The move has received mixed reactions. While some localities may need federal support, others have already moved toward managing their own sites.

From:  Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly sues GOP lawmakers for revoking her order limiting church gatherings

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly (D) sued a Republican-controlled legislative council on Thursday after it revoked her executive order that limited church gatherings, marking the latest chapter in an escalating conflict between public health and religion during one of the holiest times of the year.

In a petition to the Kansas Supreme Court, Kelly asked the judges to resurrect her Tuesday executive order that limited religious gatherings and funerals to 10 people amid the covid-19 pandemic. She argued Wednesday’s party-line vote revoking her order, by the seven-person Legislative Coordinating Council, was unconstitutional.


The Legislative Coordinating Council met this week in lieu of the full legislature, which has not been in session since mid-March because of the pandemic. At the heart of the legal case is whether the legislature can delegate its powers to revoke a governor’s executive order to just seven people on the council. Kelly argues it’s impossible, saying the legislature would need to pass a bill to change the law.


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10 thoughts on “As his reelection chances dim, President Trump reprioritizes the economy over public health

  1. I think that DT45’s push to re-open the opening of the economy before controlling the spread of the virus could worsen his chances of re-election. Then again, he could be counting on the general population being too sick or wary to go out and vote when November comes around.

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  2. Surprise surprise. 🙄🤬 That is a great share and link Robert on recovered South Koreans testing positive for a 2nd round. WOW!

    No matter what any TV celebrity spews publicly, including our POTUS, the true experts in epidemiology and virology are STILL learning about COVID-19. Period. And then if/when they do find a vaccine/cure, it will take approx. 10-12 mons (or more?) to produce enough vials in bulk to distribute to the world’s clinics and hospitals!

    Why the obsession with money, revenues, public image, ego, and the blame-game? Oh yeah, because our POTUS is and has been completely incapable of human empathy—and when he TRIES (poorly) to show sympathy it is fake & shallow—therefore demonstrating he IS NOT a true and complete Leader of anyone! That was not what his daddy Fred taught him nor his grandfather Friedrich Drumpf taught his son or grandson. NONE of these three male primates know anything about sympathy, much less about empathy! Only three things in life matter most to these 3 men: 1) money, 2) powerful influence via money, and 3) public persona (ego) of that influence by money. A secondary Drumpf pedigree in all three generations is Make yourself the center of attention, always. Lie if you have to.

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    • Spot-on, Professor! Trump even admitted to lying in a recent exchange with a reporter – saying essentially that he tells the truth only when he can.

      Last year, I think, I shared an article from Germany in which the people of Trump’s family hometown disavowed him.

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      • Yes, you are correct about his hometown of Kallstadt, Germany—I believe it was Friedrich Drumpf who pissed-off the town’s royalty or rulers for not legally serving in the Imperial German Army as ALL MEN were required to do. As a result, the Kallstadt royalty demanded they GET OUT or face the consequences. When Friedrich arrived in the U.S. he went West (Yukon?) at some point and opened a hotel/bar/casino and restaurant of ill-repute and ladies of the night (surprise surprise) and was apparently also known for crooked dealings with the area businesses and patrons. I suspect that’s part (if not wholly) of the reason Friedrich was also banned from Kallstadt as well. * Some accounts hint of sex trafficking women. Again, no surprises there.

        All these “family traits” both in business and personal lives were passed down to male descendants, ESPECIALLY “Look at me” tRumpf! What is the old cliche? Oh yeah, The acorn never falls far from the tree. Or in this case the tiny chestnut. 😉

        * One introductory source:

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        • Yes Robert, that’s putting it mildly. But do U.S. voters, much less GOP voters do the required due diligence of doing their research/homework on WHO they vote for, what the federal candidate’s history and track record in political office has been!? HAHAHAHA!!! 😆😠 Umm, does Prez tRumpf have ANY political experience, especially on the federal level? BWAHAHAHAHA!!! 😆😠

          Those are rhetorical questions by the way. 😉

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