Washington — Former national security adviser John Bolton said Monday that he’s willing to testify in President Trump’s impeachment trial if the Senate subpoenas him.


Bolton has firsthand knowledge of the events at the center of Mr. Trump’s impeachment, namely efforts to pressure Ukraine to announce investigations that would benefit the president politically. He pushed back against the pressure campaign and at one point likened it to a “drug deal,” according to earlier testimony by other officials.

The former national security adviser’s statement comes a week after a federal judge scrapped a case brought by Charles Kupperman, one of his former aides, to determine whether the House could compel him to testify. Bolton, who had been watching the case, was not formally subpoenaed by the House in the impeachment inquiry, and his lawyer threatened to go to court if he was.

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11 thoughts on “John Bolton says he’ll testify in Senate impeachment trial if subpoenaed

  1. Bolton is filth. I wouldn’t trust him to breathe air.

    What angle do you think he would pursue in testimony? He surely wants war so my “not very informed” opinion of him is that pushing for war might be his primary motivation.

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    • Bolton has already expressed support for Trump’s assassination of the Iranian general, and that’s no surprise because he is a premier war-hawk.

      But, his offer to testify in the impeachment trial is a different matter. As National Security Advisor, Bolton opposed Trump’s attempted coercion of the Ukrainian president (i.e. the withholding of military aid to elicit interference in the 2020 election). He even wrote a book about it to be published this year. From what I’ve been able to discern, Bolton doesn’t want to be stained by Trump’s crime because he has future political ambitions. Therefore, he wants his account of it to be told. However, he also doesn’t want to anger the GOP by appearing to help Democrats. So, he’s trying to walk a fine line between those conflicting motives.

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      • Hmmm, that will be tricky. He might also not want to piss trump off too much since trump is such a “wannabe” gangster type who lashes out at anyone who doesn’t obey him. I didn’t know about Bolton’s book. I often stick my head in the sand to avoid going insane. It should be interesting.

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        • Yes, it should be interesting. I follow politics fairly closely, and I can say with confidence that Bolton is not at all afraid of Trump. He has been entrenched within the GOP’s foreign policy inner circle for decades, and he isn’t holding an elected office which Trump could use to exact retribution.

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