Dear Readers,

Due to nagging health issues, my blogging activities will be extremely limited for a while.  It’s nothing serious, but it is quite painful and I’m unable to spend much time online researching news stories and writing posts.  Hopefully, I’ll be back to normal soon.

Thank you all…

Robert A. Vella

37 thoughts on “NOTICE: The Secular Jurist will be inactive for a while

  1. Oh no! My trusty, well-informed WordPress buddy—who says he can’t dance!—is not well and is leaving for vacation; much needed R&R. 😦 Please take care! ❤

    If the "experts" or "professional therapists" or the ladies in your favorite "Massage Parlor" (like Nurse Goodbody) recommend a lobotomy or partial lobotomy Robert, with full restraints, do NOT give in!!! Tell them they can take anything else on your body, but NOT that genius brain! Okay? 😁 Hurry back my Friend!

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      • My family is mainly afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis. We have found certain food supplements very helpful, at least as effective as medication without the damaging side effects. My niece however has a problem with her spine, and it is serious. she has had several operations but the problem persists. It depends what your problem is. You need a correct diagnosis – it could be sciatica, but spinal problems are serious as you know. Herbal supplements may help a little but the core problem may only have a medical solution. It could be osteoarthritis – if so herbal supplements could help. Years ago I put a blog up – check it out – Self Help for Arthritis – conartistocracy. As my focus was on RA not osteo – nor on muscular/spinal problems it will not be particularly helpful to you. In your place I would dredge the net for problems with osteoarthritis, back, hip and spinal problems. Perhaps you will find what is relevant to your condition and the best way forward. Luck.

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