Hint — It’s accelerating.


To be a climate scientist, to read the science, or to otherwise track today’s unfolding global disaster brought on by fossil fuel burning, is to witness a historical event beyond the scope anything encountered by human civilization.

(July 14th’s record low Arctic sea ice ringed by far northern wildfires and related smoke plumes is just one signal of a rapidly heating global climate. Image source: NASA Worldview.)

Over the past Century, heat trapping pollution has forced the world to warm by about 1.1 degrees Celsius. That’s 1/4 the difference between what humans are used to and an ice age — but on the side of hot. Seas, swollen by this heat and by thawing glaciers, have risen by an average of about 17 centimeters since 1900. Nine trillion tons of ice — the equivalent to 9,000 mountains — have melted from those glaciers…

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12 thoughts on “What 2019’s Hottest June Ever Recorded Says About the Climate Crisis

  1. Ugh. I’ve already had 2 (heated?) debates about Climate Change with my own daughter, Robert. She’s now 25-yrs old and married to a semi-moderate Christian boy and family. Fyi, in case you don’t remember, she’s been HEAVILY influenced by her Fundy-Evangy mother… who because of political-biblical alignments (or twistings?) is a party-line voter 95% of the time, as well as everything else that comes with Ultra-Conservative paradigms — whether those paradigms undermine our U.S. Constitution or not. 😦

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    • I have nothing but best wishes for your daughter and family, Professor, but her denial of climate change won’t last. She has roughly half a century of life remaining, and with each passing year reality will increasingly test her beliefs. She may rationalize climate change in any way that’s convenient for her, but sooner or later the unfortunate truth will prevail. By the time she reaches retirement age, everyday survival will become a terrible struggle.

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      • Indeed, sadly and tragically. 😦 I’m afraid we humans (as a species on this planet) are not doing near enough, QUICK ENOUGH!!! We might already be past that final tipping-point of NO return. 🔥🌊 Food crops and agriculture are already being devastated and/or badly strained for Earth’s population. Our oceans can only absorb so much, then… game over, for everybody. Impoverished first (of course), then even the wealthy. 😦

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        • Food crops and agriculture are already being devastated

          Perhaps if there were more attention placed on this type of “evidence,” more people would begin to accept it. As it is, it’s only occasionally mentioned in the news.

          IMO, until individuals are personally affected, the whole matter will continue to be pushed under the rug. Far too many believe it’s just the “environmentalists” getting carried away and “in reality,” it’s all a part of nature’s cycle.

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        • People ARE being personally affected, Nan, and that’s why opinion polls increasingly show strong acceptance of climate change even among Republicans.

          Your characterization of deniers is accurate, but it only relates to about one-quarter of American adults. The reason why that attitude is prevalent among many Republican politicians is due almost entirely to politics – i.e. the influence of conservative ideology, big business, and religious fundamentalism.

          The Professor was correct in describing the devastation of food crops. This problem has been getting worse in recent years and it will continue to get worse going forward. It hasn’t yet reached a point of societal crisis because the system is so big and reactive that it has so far been able to compensate for losses. However, at some point beyond 2030, the problem is forecast to overcome the productive capacity of modern agriculture.


        • Perhaps I should have added … until the majority of people are affected. I know some are definitely feeling the effects, but until it reaches the “societal crisis” you mention, I think it will continue to be pushed under the rug as much as possible. Too much money is at stake.

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