To:       Robert Swan Mueller III
From:  Robert A. Vella

Sir, you were a decorated war hero and a highly respected law enforcement officer which elevated you to lofty positions of authority including Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Special Counsel for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to oversee the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and related matters (particularly, obstruction of justice).  Your career has been brilliant to say the least.  Few public servants have been so widely lauded as you have.

However, when the nation and its people needed you most, you dropped the ball handed to you in the most cowardly way imaginable.  As a consequence, the United States of America as a democratic constitutional republic has been laid bare to the whims of a maniacal would-be dictator.  Furthermore, this consequence poses a grave threat to the health and safety of all the world’s people.  I cannot conceive of a worse abrogation of duty.  That your failure as Special Counsel is juxtaposed so sharply against your prior reputation speaks volumes, and it will be your enduring legacy.

The strength of your impassioned explanations for doing what you did and didn’t do as Special Counsel reveal the personal conflict you must’ve felt about investigating President Donald Trump.  I’m sure it was the most difficult of positions to be in.  Still, you willingly accepted the assignment.  Such a commitment, even more weighty than that which befell federal law enforcement during Watergate, carried with it responsibilities which transcended normal procedural discretion and restraints including the arbitrary internal DOJ policy prohibiting criminal indictment of a sitting U.S. president.  I believe you understood those responsibilities perfectly well, yet chose instead to ignore it.  Whatever your rationale, many concerned Americans and denizens of the world perceive it as either timidity or as politically motivated.

You have one opportunity left to fulfill your responsibility and to salvage your reputation if those are indeed important to you.  Testify openly and truthfully before the House Intelligence and House Judiciary committees beyond the contents of the official report you submitted as Special Counsel.

24 thoughts on “Open letter to Robert Mueller

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    • He doesn’t want to testify but will if he gets a subpoena. Right now, he is negotiating with House Dems to keep his testimony private and has stated publicly that he won’t reveal any information beyond what he documented in his official report. What is he hiding and why?

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  2. Excellent letter, Robert.
    If he doesn’t openly and honestly testify, his legacy will not go down with honor. He will be remembered as a man who let his country down.

    I cant help but wonder if the possibility of an indirect threat to himself or family could be behind his reticence. I wouldn’t put anything past trump and co.

    I too am worried about the democrats and their weak responses and I still don’t think Biden is the best choice. But I will vote for him. However, I think he will lose the younger generation’s vote. They want a progressive and someone with a fiery passion..

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    • Thanks, Mary. The possibility that Mueller and others were threatened or just intimidated by Trump, Putin, et al. is not at all a farfetched idea. Putin especially has a long track record of assassinations and other clandestine acts. I also agree with you about Biden.

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    • IMO, your second paragraph spells it out. And not just concerning Mueller. I personally think tRumpsky is wielding considerable power behind closed doors. Scottie has often described him as a mob boss — and I don’t think his description is that far off.

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  3. Outstanding Robert! I am in total agreement with you despite the fact that I very much like Mueller’s CV and dossier. This investigation into Russian interference as well as obstruction of justice will now always be a stain, a permanent blemish on his record. Sad for such a generally impeccable Servant of/for the People. 😦

    This reminds me of my deep disappointment in one of my favored, former State officials and ex-military commanders in Washington DC… Colin Powell. He did so many things the right way, the HONORABLE way in George H.W. Bush’s cabinet then Clinton’s, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. But he messed up bad when he failed to handle correctly the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy and standing up for the LGBTQ community in that regard. He let party loyalty come first ahead of human rights. (face-palm) 😦

    Then he did perform adequately as the lone Black Sheep (or white sheep in a flock of black sheep perhaps?) as Secretary of State in George W. Bush’s cabinet, but could he have done much better, especially under constant pressure from the likes of Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, and Andrew Card, Jr. — an incident that Robert Mueller correctly intervened to halt at Attorney General John Ashcroft’s hospital bed!!!

    Could these two fine state-political officers, Mueller and Powell, have done more for the American people and LESS for a party-line and ideology? YOU BET YOUR DAMN FIRST-BORN THEY COULD’VE and SHOULD’VE!!! Very sad that when the chance to finish the job completely, thoroughly, and equitably presents itself the finish line is never reached. It’s sort of like painting the Mona Lisa, but not giving her lips or eyes. 🙄😞

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