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Emails show Trump official consulting with climate change deniers to challenge scientific findings: report
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A Trump administration official consulted with advisers to a think tank skeptical of climate change to help challenge widely accepted scientific findings about global warming, according to emails obtained by The Associated Press.

William Happer, a member of the National Security Council, made the request to policy advisers with the Heartland Institute this March.

Happer and Heartland Institute adviser Hal Doiron discussed Happer’s scientific arguments in a paper attempting to knock down climate change as well as ideas to make the work “more useful to a wider readership” in a March 3 email exchange.

Happer also said he had discussed the work with another Heartland Institute adviser, Thomas Wysmuller, according to the emails obtained in a Freedom of Information Act request by the Environmental Defense Fund.

The National Security Council declined to comment on the emails.

Jim Lakely, interim…

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5 thoughts on “Emails show Trump official consulting with climate change deniers to challenge scientific findings: report

  1. The Heartland Institute has been fighting healthy air for a long time. Those people are seriously anti-life and dangerous, a conservative non-think tank.

    One of their “research fellows” wrote a book titled, “Socialism Is Evil” and appears on Fascist television shows warning people that the Green New Deal is an evil Socialist plot to destroy America. He calls it “the most radical, dangerous policy proposal offered in modern history”, claims it would “do nothing to reduce global CO2 emissions” and the entire idea “is all about socialism, not saving polar bears.”

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    • I know, those people are seriously deranged. Last night, I watched a show featuring Luis Elizondo the former DoD official who broke the story about UFO observations by the U.S. Navy. In it, he said that within the Defense Department there are many fundamentalist Christians who fervently believe that UFOs are evil spirits and that people who report such observations are working for Satan – mind boggling!

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