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Let me ask…..if the FBI arrested a guy named Ali with lots of weapons and a manifesto to kill politicians and media personalities would and should he be charged with terrorism?

If your answer is yes then I say rightly so…….

Then why was this d/bag not a terorist?

A federal magistrate has agreed to the pre-trial release of a Coast Guard lieutenant accused of being a domestic terrorist, the AP reports. US Magistrate Judge Paul Day noted on Thursday that 50-year-old Christopher Hasson hasn’t been charged with any terrorism related offenses. Hasson was arrested Feb. 15 and is awaiting trial on firearms and drug charges. Prosecutors say he created a hit list of prominent Democrats, two Supreme Court justices, network TV journalists, and social media company executives. Day says he still has “grave concerns” about Hasson based on information prosecutors have presented. The magistrate says Hasson is “going…

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5 thoughts on “When Is It Terrorism?

    • There is no such written policy. However, there has long been an unwritten and unspoken policy among law enforcement personnel, judges, and politicians in the U.S. which effectuates a criminal double-standard based on who the offender is. If the offender is rich, white, Christian, and politically conservative, then they’ll generally get preferential treatment. If not, then they’ll likely get the opposite treatment.


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