So I have a big announcement to make. And you’ll have to excuse my enthusiasm because this has all been a rather heady experience. But I listened to your feedback and took delivery of a Tesla Model 3 SR+ this past Thursday. If you want to take a look at my new clean energy monster, then feast your eyes below:


(My new Model 3 SR+ — which I’m calling Clean KITT after Knightrider from the 1980s series.)

It’s a big deal for me for a number of reasons. First, the Model 3 is the most significant vehicle purchase I’ve ever made in terms of cost. Paying 39,500 dollars for a car is something I would have never even dreamed of doing just a decade ago. But when it comes to driving a capable, long-range electric vehicle your prices are going to range from around 36,000 dollars to 40,000 dollars even…

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6 thoughts on “Street Fighting Against Climate Change in a Tesla Model 3

  1. The part I love best (besides the advantages of the car)? The fact the purchase money goes back into producing more of the same … and better!

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  2. I got my first car, a black Oldsmobile, when I was stationed in northern Utah. I was soon transferred to Tucson, AZ. In 1956 A/C was not standard and the AZ sun merciless. Since then I have always wondered about the obsession with black cars. They soak up the suns heat and radiate it into the atmosphere, whereas a white car reflects the suns rays. Why did you get a black car? Just wondering. GROG

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  3. Yes, I know it was about electric cars which I have been considering for myself. White is a better color for reflecting sun heat. I think white roofs on houses is a good idea too. Thanks for the post. GROG

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