By Robert A. Vella


Now that the Department of Justice has officially crowned Donald Trump as King and is doing his bidding to shred the U.S. Constitution and stomp on whatever decency is left in America, it’s time for the nation’s top law enforcement agency to get a new image more fitting to its true purpose.  After all, why should a dictatorship worry about hypocrisy?  Didn’t Trump boastfully say that he could get away with murder?


Poll: 84 percent want Mueller report made public

Despite report findings, almost half of Americans think Trump colluded with Russia: Reuters/Ipsos poll

House fails to override Trump veto on southern border emergency

Missouri House votes to allow Bible courses in public school

9 thoughts on “The DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE: Satire and News for today

  1. I still think Trump colluded with Russia, too! He just got away with it and Barr helped him. TRAITORS!!! But, the idiot waited only 2 days to swing ALL momentum back toward the dems by announcing his plans to rip health care from tens of millions of people! That was the major issue that led to our win in 2018, not Russia. What a glorified IDIOT! He can’t help himself. This is what I tell people when they think the Barr report ensures his victory in 2020. No, it does not! Trump will mire himself in garbage and shit and he has already. What a DICK!

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  2. I do agree, as any sane person would, that he colluded with Russia and did try to obstruct justice.
    But I can’t help but believe his idiot cult will support doing away with Obamacare even if it effects them directly. And I hate to say it, but I also think this outcome of Mueller’s investigation boosts his base and some “fence leaners” will now be convinced there was no proof and will jump to trump’s side.
    Time will tell and also what happens in the next two years. The willful stupidity out there is outstanding.

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