By Robert A. Vella

Rolling Stone has published a good summary of The New Yorker’s recent exposé on the symbiotic relationship between President Trump and Fox News which won’t really surprise anyone, but does reveal the extent of their coordination to push a far-right propaganda campaign.  See:

Three Revelations From the New Yorker’s Explosive Fox News Story

In yet another case of President Trump’s blatantly corrupt corporatist practices, The Washington Post today detailed the mixing of business with politics involving a giant communications company and Trump’s real estate operations.  See:

T-Mobile acknowledges its patronage of Trump’s Washington hotel increased sharply after announcement of merger with Sprint

Former top White House lawyer Ty Cobb rebukes Trump’s “witch-hunt” mantra.  See:

Ex-Trump White House lawyer calls Mueller ‘hero,’ says probe is no witch hunt

Longtime Trump ally and GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone could be going to jail soon.  See:

Mueller tells judge of new Roger Stone post on Instagram

William Barr says he won’t recuse himself from the Mueller investigation.  See:

Trump’s new attorney general won’t recuse himself in Mueller probe

Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has quietly left the Department of Justice but will testify again before Congress.  See:

Matthew Whitaker has left the Justice Department

8 thoughts on “Tuesday News Briefs for March 5th 2019

  1. This headline should have read: “After Shitting All Over It, Former acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has quietly left the Department of Justice.” What a friggin’ joke Mr. “Toilets For Guys With Big Weenies” is. Buffoon is too nice of a word.

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  2. Ya’ know … this “stuff” just keeps going on and on and on. Lots of accusations (mostly true), lots of rumblings, lots of “revelations,” but tRumpsky remains untouched. I keep wonder when the “sh__” is going to hit the fan.

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