“The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”

– ultra conservative social and political commentator, writer, syndicated columnist, and lawyer, Ann Coulter

From:  Ann Coulter Fires Back at Trump: ‘The Only National Emergency Is that Our President Is an Idiot’

8 thoughts on “Today’s quote from Ann Coulter tells you everything you need to know about President Trump

  1. Finally! Coulter says something true! (Even if out of frustration, I’ll take it!) She is the spokesperson and mascot of the Flat-Earth Trump Society and now she is forced to see the con man/grifter for what he is: a phony, a total empty suit that’s never achieved anything without Daddy’s bail-out. Even his “charity” is a total sham. He takes private donations from people into his “charity” then when he donates the money he takes the tax write-offs! If she can keep that mind set just a little bit longer, she’s going to find out he’s also a traitor; a Putin-puppet, literally placed on the throne by Russian intelligence and completely beholden to them now. I can not wait!

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    • Neither can I! This Coulter story is so amusing! BTW, Trumpski’s “charity” – i.e. the Trump Foundation – got into legal trouble in New York and is being dissolved; also, he and his family have been banned from operating charitable foundations in N.Y. for a period of 10 years!

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    • I have my doubts he ever donated any of what he collected! There are stories/rumors that the Veterans never got anything from him after his big push for them.

      Bob’s right … the whole sham was revealed in N.Y. It’s just too bad it went as long as it did.

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  2. Watch for Comrade Trump to take a one-way flight to Putinville, slap a “Return-to-Sender” sticker on Airforce One, and retire in Russia where we have no extradition treaty!

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