The federal government has started surveying land along the border in Texas and announced plans to start construction next month. Rather than surrender their land, some property owners are digging in, vowing to reject buyout offers and preparing to fight the administration in court.


Many have hired lawyers who are preparing to fight the government if, as expected, it moves to seize their land through eminent domain.


Legal experts say Trump likely cannot waive eminent domain — which requires the government to demonstrate a public use for the land and provide landowners with compensation — by declaring a national emergency.

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37 thoughts on “Texas landowners prepare wall fight; Trump to visit border

  1. This BS is just astoundingly idiotic. The moronic Orange Monster in D.C. obviously failed or never enrolled in World History courses starting in 6th-grade thru under-grad class levels. But then again, I’ve always stated any chance I get that tRump never advanced beyond 8th-grade based upon his public speaking, interviews, and obvious VAST, MASSIVE vocabulary he (poorly) utilizes! Anyway, back to this “wall.”

    The other week I caught this hilarious Chinese comedian, Joe Wong, on the CBS Late Show with Stephen Colbert. It’s only 5-mins long so please have a watch/listen! What he says is definitely very funny, but what is sort of sad is that he is also spot on with the TRUE history of barrier walls!

    Besides this lunacy and a Presidential Campaign “promise” to fulfill for his poorly educated fan-base, a few months back the Austin Chronicle aired a 1-hour thorough documentary investigation into “illegal” immigration into the U.S. It is called “Beyond the Wall: A Texas Tribune Investigation” by PBS and The Texas Tribune non-profit news agency. I will put the link to that 27-min documentary in my next comment. 🙂

    Thank you Robert for sharing this info and little understood problem on our southern border.

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    • As you’ll learn in The Texas Tribune’s documentary (below), one of the most exacerbating problem with face with illegal immigration and the drug-trafficking eventually ends SQUARELY with Americans, especially white-American or non-Hispanic business owners!!! Furthermore, never ever forget America that the biggest, perhaps ONLY reason drugs keep coming into the country is because we offer a prime, lucrative consumer (addicts?) who CLEARLY WANT these drugs!!!! DUH!!!! 😒😡


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      • Yes, the demand for drugs (illegal and legal) and cheap labor is a huge problem in America. This rationale used by Trump is spurious, however. The influx of illegal drugs primarily comes through our ports of entry and through mail services, not through illegal border crossings which Trump falsely claims would be stopped by a continuous border wall. Furthermore, the vast majority of illegal immigration now consists of visa overstays and not undocumented migrant workers (the numbers of which have dropped precipitously in recent years). What is increasing now are legal asylum seekers from Central America who are being horribly mistreated by the Trump Administration through inhumane treatment and a blatant disregard for U.S. and international law.

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        • Also, and I’m a bit late here making this point or iterating it…

          The biggest reason why we have SO MANY undocumented immigrants coming across our southern border — aside from seeking wartime/cartel asylum — is that white American business owners do indeed employ these families! Why? For obvious reasons starting with exploitation and not wanting to play the fair Free-enterprise market/competition game. Furthermore, Americans (mostly white Anglo Americans again) are all typically college educated now — which 2-3 decades ago was a very noble cause and vision/dream. But now the labor pool (for highly educated/talented candidates) is saturated with Bachelor-degree-ed applicants who have every right NOT to be paid minimum wage or just above in mostly the Service Industry!!! High school grads with GED’s can just as easily accept those jobs! Therefore…

          Stop white American business owners — especially the Wild West law-breakers here in Texas that love, love, LOVE our “At Will” labor laws! — and you take negate or diminish a HUGE incentive for illegal immigrants coming across for a “better life.” DUH!!!!!

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      • Haha, I know, right? It’s not rocket science! You’d THINK in this day and age of higher(?) education since 1644 when the Great Wall of China was complete, that one of the biggest reasons Medieval castles or any fixed fortifications like them, e.g. the Belgian Maginot Line fortifications of WW2 that the German Wehrmacht easily overran from all sides by utilizing Fallschirmjägers, or paratroopers. Duh! The Belgian upper-command were stuck in antiquated WW1 and quite honestly Medieval Age warfare in the 20th century!!!

        And oh by the way, there are countless methods by hostile forces/entities to utilize to go around, above, underneath, or even infiltrate the target’s ranks with spies, etc, when a fixed fortification in front of them mildly hinders (to be grossly polite) their advance into the Land of Gaudy Obese Opportunity! This is simply elementary level and old, well-known intelligence for defense/counter-measure tactics and strategy!

        Besides utterly WASTING valuable time, energy, and material/human resources on this asinine debate, meanwhile, all the significant data, numbers, and actual intelligence over the recent decades indicating how drugs and undocumented immigrants enter into the U.S., have always shown the two problems enter via ports of entry. That’s airports, seaports, train stations, any site where there is HEAVY out-in-the-open human traffic! This is (by criminal statistics) the better means of sneaking in… blending in to the sheer numbers and volume hoping you are missed. Going around, under, or climbing a Great Wall is NOT the most efficient use of their time and resources.

        Grrrrrrrr, I can’t believe we are even having to debate all of this with this Administration and his radical Republicans, none of whom know a damn thing about world history, much less military history! 😒😠

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        • Absolutely, Professor. I have nothing to add except two minor historical corrections.

          The Belgian fixed fortifications you cited were centered on Fort Eben-Emael which was first neutralized and then taken by German paratroopers. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Fort_Eben-Emael

          The Maginot Line was the French fixed fortifications on its border with Germany that was simply outflanked by the Wehrmacht which overran Belgium, encircled the Allies’ mobile armies, and invaded northern France where the Maginot Line did not reach. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maginot_Line

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        • Ahh, yes. Thanks! But the gist/concept of my point was received, yes? As I mentioned, this has been a very busy, hectic, frequently interrupted day for me, but felt this info and contribution was important enough to throw it together real fast. Ugh, see what happens when you’re too much in a hurry? LOL 😏😬

          Thanks again Sir! 👍

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        • HAH! Yes, indeed. I wouldn’t argue too much either that General Patton was a reincarnated Macedonian(?) or Athenian(?) or Spartan(?) — can’t remember right now — warrior/leader. LOL He wanted to go straight into the Soviet Union once the Nazis were finished. Hmmm, think about the consequences of that “What if“! Both the good and bad. 🤔

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        • Patton was a pure warrior and little else. His political opinions were… well, effing insane. Fortunately for the world, he had no political aspirations unlike his contemporary Douglas MacArthur who nearly started a nuclear war over Korea. But, confined to military tactics (not strategy), Patton was undeniably brilliant and a huge asset for the Allies’ cause in WWII. That the German General Staff both respected and feared him speaks volumes. In the film biography Patton, which is truly excellent, he is referred to as a “Perfekter Anachronismus.” Patton’s reincarnation delusions are best related through his own words:

          Through a Glass, Darkly – by George S. Patton Jr.

          Perhaps I stabbed our Savior
          In His sacred helpless side.
          Yet I’ve called His name in blessing
          When in after times I died.
          Through the travail of the ages
          Midst the pomp and toil of war
          Have I fought and strove and perished
          Countless times upon this star.
          I have sinned and I have suffered
          Played the hero and the knave
          Fought for belly, shame or country
          And for each have found a grave.
          So as through a glass and darkly
          The age long strife I see
          Where I fought in many guises,
          Many names – but always me.
          So forever in the future
          Shall I battle as of yore,
          Dying to be born a fighter
          But to die again once more.

          If I could’ve interviewed anyone from history, Patton would be at or near the top of my list. He was a fascinating character to say the least!

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        • Mmmm, what an excellent contribution there from you Robert! He was an enthralling personality, no doubt. I imagine those who had to work & collaborate with him either loved him or hated him, nothing in between. LOL

          Isn’t that a great self-portrait… in Through A Glass, Darkly?

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        • Yes, it’s a great self-portrait. My dad saw action in Normandy under Patton in the Third Army, and the soldiers definitely had a love/hate relationship with the General. He pushed them terribly hard, but they also knew he could defeat the Germans.

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  2. There are 9 congressional districts that cover our border with Mexico. Those Reps are both Republican and Democrats, men and women, veteran Reps and newer Reps. They ALL oppose a border wall. They’re actually talking to the people who will be affected by a wall. They know how unpopular it is.

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  3. For a secure border one should first of all pay the border protecting officers what seems actually not to be the case as far as I know. A bit crazy! Wishing you all the best from Berlin where one of your presidents said nearly 30 years ago: “Tear down this wall.”

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