New Jersey prosecutors have collected evidence that supervisors at President Trump’s Garden State golf club may have committed federal immigration crimes – and the FBI as well as special counsel Robert Mueller have played part in the inquiry, the Daily News has learned.

Anibal Romero, a Newark attorney who represents several undocumented immigrants who used to work at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, said Friday he recently met with investigators from the state attorney general’s office and handed over fraudulent green cards and Social Security numbers that management at the club allegedly procured and gave his clients, Victorina Morales and Sandra Diaz.

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14 thoughts on “New Jersey AG has obtained evidence of possible crimes at Trump’s golf club — and Mueller, FBI are involved in probe

      • Oh, I don’t know how or when, but tRump is gonna fall. Hard. This misconception of what a brilliant guy he is is strongly misplaced. He’s a sociopath, soul-less, and the leader of blind idiots who worship him. He’s going to cause irreparable damage along the way, but, at some point, he will crash along with his family. Winning the Presidency was the worse thing that could have ever happened to him. ALL of his past crimes are now under a well-lit microscope. Don’t mistake his bold, sociopathic bullying with “slipperiness.” He’s as slippery as a blunt baseball bat with rusty nails sticking out of it and about as classy. He shocks. He stuns. He leaves millions speechless who’d never think of behaving the way he does, and he destroys. This will not end well for him nor, unfortunately, for us. But it will end. Very, very badly for him.

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        • Yes, I know — shit is going to hit the fan. What, to me, is so disturbing is while we’re waiting for the ax to fall, he keeps screwing with things that are going to affect this planet and, as a result, the entire human race. I guess it goes back to what you said … it’s not going to end well for him … or us. Unfortunately, all these cases against him will undoubtedly drag on and on while his lawyers fight for him. (They sure are prime examples of how sleezy lawyers can be.)

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  1. Well, it is a golf club. I’ve taken an extra mulligan or two. Never got a social security card at the end of a round though.
    So, if you’re out golfing and get stuck on the course in a lightning storm, what do you do? Take out your two iron and hold it high above your head, high as you can. See, not even god can hit a two iron 🏌️⚡️

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    • I tried my buddy’s one-iron (i.e. driving iron) once, but never again. I shanked the ball off the hosel, and a painful vibration shot up the shaft and into my arms. I must’ve had a look of exasperation on my face because he had a real good laugh at my expense!

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