On Dec. 27,  McClatchy DC—a reputable news outlet that broke the most important stories about the Iraq War—reported that cell phone tower records obtained by foreign intelligence sources place Michael Cohen (or at least his phone) in Prague in the late summer of 2016. The story says this information, as well as the fruits of electronic eavesdropping by an Eastern European intelligence agency that picked up discussion among Russians of Cohen’s presence in Prague, are now in the possession of the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

If the McClatchy story is true, it has huge implications for Donald Trump’s survival in the presidency. But that’s a major if; unlike many other scoops about the Mueller probe, no other outlet has been able to confirm McClatchy’s reporting. And the McClatchy reporters have made it clear that they have no corroborating evidence of their claims and that some of their sources are indirect at best.

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5 thoughts on “Is the Michael Cohen ‘Prague’ Story True?

    • Yes, there can’t be this much smoke without a fire. Still, Cohen’s continued denials about being in Prague are puzzling. If he’s lying again, his prison sentence surely won’t be reduced. On the other hand, McClatchy and the two reporters have solid reputations. Why would they run this story if they had any doubts about their sources?

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        • Correct me if I’m wrong, but outside of the payments to the ladies, wasn’t it Cohen’s own personal wheelings and dealings that got him into trouble? If so, could it be that he’s trying to skirt around issues that involve tRumpsky? I mean, even his recent admission about the hotel negotiations came much later.

          Just a thought.

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