When the U.S. government put out its latest sanctions list on Dec. 19, the man named at the top did not seem especially important. Described in the document as a former Russian intelligence officer, he was accused of handling money and negotiations on behalf of a powerful Russian oligarch. The document did not mention that the man, Victor Boyarkin, had links to the 2016 campaign of President Donald Trump.

A months-long investigation by TIME, however, found that Boyarkin, a former arms dealer with a high forehead and a very low profile, was a key link between a senior member of the Trump campaign and a powerful ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In his only interview with the media about those connections, Boyarkin told TIME this fall that he was in touch with Trump’s then-campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, in the heat of the presidential race on behalf of the Russian oligarch. “He owed us a lot of money,” Boyarkin says. “And he was offering ways to pay it back.”

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7 thoughts on “Exclusive: Russian Ex-Spy Pressured Manafort Over Debts to an Oligarch

  1. Quite the story. This is all so deep, we will never know the whole truth. The world runs on money and power. All else is cover, hype, misinformation and high stakes. Trump is but a pawn and his base, the ignorant idiots whom he feeds little racist crumbs to help him stay in power so he can try to play with the big boys, at the worlds expense.

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    • It’s deep, alright. Perhaps not the whole truth, but enough of it will eventually come out. Compared to what we knew in 2016, what we know now is quite revealing. The last two years have been a stunning learning experience, to be sure.

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      • Little did tRumpsky know how much of his dirty and corrupt soul — and that of his cronies — would be revealed when he stood before the “biggest crowd ever” and gave his inauguration speech.

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    • It only seems long to us right now. Legal experts say that such investigations can take 3 years or more. Mueller was appointed Special Counsel in May 2017. “Patience, young grasshopper” (from the 1970s TV show Kung Fu).

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