LANSING, Mich. — Republican Gov. Rick Snyder on Friday signed a law making it harder for groups to put proposals on the Michigan ballot, imposing a geographical-based requirement that may prevent them from gathering signatures for petitions mainly from the most populated areas.

The move followed voters’ passage of three Democratic-backed proposals last month and Republicans’ unprecedented tactic — enacted by the term-limited governor two weeks ago — to weaken minimum wage and paid sick time laws that began as ballot initiatives. Legal challenges are expected in Michigan and neighboring Wisconsin, where the GOP recently passed more sweeping laws to curtail incoming Democrats.

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  In a democracy, it doesn’t matter where people live.  Every citizen’s right to vote and express themselves politically is equal.  Therefore, this geographical restriction on ballot proposals enacted by Republicans in Michigan is intrinsically undemocratic;  and, I believe it will be – or should be – overturned on constitutional grounds.

3 thoughts on “Snyder signs bill to make Michigan ballot drives tougher

  1. The jackass GOP governor in Wisconsin said if you removed Milwaukee and Madison from the state the GOP would win all of the time; therefor it isn’t fair that a Dem won the Governorship there over him. Great logic, eh. “Oh, those big cities where millions live, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote cause there are too many people living in them.” Friggin’ fascist a-hole, just like the rest of the un-democratic GOP. They HATE democracy and all it stands for.

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