Incoming House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer said Friday that Democrats next week will not seat a North Carolina Republican amid allegations of election fraud in the state’s 9th Congressional District.

“Given the now well-documented election fraud that took place in NC-09, Democrats would object to any attempt by [Mark] Harris to be seated on January 3,” Hoyer said in a statement. “In this instance, the integrity of our democratic process outweighs concerns about the seat being vacant at the start of the new Congress.”

The statement came after North Carolina dissolved its elections board Friday without certifying the Nov. 6 results, leaving the fate of the seat in doubt days ahead of the start of the new Congress.

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10 thoughts on “Hoyer says House will not seat a North Carolina Republican amid questions about integrity of election

  1. Harris is obviously a piece of dirt (apologies to healthy, nutritious soil). 😧 🤣

    I believe he should be banned from ever entering government on any level and everyone in his campaign should be thoroughly investigated. Taxpayers don’t want to pay for it? Tough shit. Democracy has a price (even fake democracy).

    I also think there should be a new election with tight oversight from outside N.C. For those corrupt politicians to say that the people of that district shouldn’t have to be without representation is pathetic. They shouldn’t be without integrity! We need to start right now if we want a semblance of justice and to ever be able to call ourselves a democracy again.

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    • Yes, there should be a new election and I suspect there will be. If Harris was involved in a criminal conspiracy to commit election fraud – which is now being investigated – he should also go to prison.

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      • I agree. It might be tough to prove he personally had something to do with it, but he needs to be held responsible.

        Incredibly, many of the same people who detest government and verbally attack politicians as a group (lumping them together) are the same who allow this insanity to continue by making excuses when it’s someone playing for their team. Integrity is nothing more than a word in the dictionary these days.

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