COLUMBIA, S.C. — Republicans in early voting states are grappling with how — and whether — to protect President Donald Trump from a potential primary challenger in 2020.

South Carolina’s GOP chairman said Wednesday the party was considering cancelling its presidential primary, a move that would make it harder for a challenger to gather delegates to wrest the party’s nomination from Trump. That follows a debate unfolding in New Hampshire, where some of Trump’s backers are pushing for the removal of longstanding rules that prevent the state party from taking sides in a primary.

In Iowa, there’s no plan to alter the caucus process to block potential Trump rivals from participating. But state GOP Chairman Jeff Kauffman has said he will defend the president should any prospective challengers begin making moves.

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5 thoughts on “GOP leaders weigh protecting Trump from primary challenge

  1. Isn’t it scary how fascist, unconstitutional, undemocratic, immoral, etc…

    … this is? And how these people have no clue. And they’ll wave a flag and sing the national anthem without sensing the irony that could choke a planet. (Something they’re hell bent on doing)

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