The Senate on Thursday delivered back-to-back rebukes of President Trump’s embrace of Saudi Arabia, first voting to end U.S. participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen and then unanimously approving a measure blaming the kingdom’s crown prince for the ghastly murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Together, the dual actions represent an unambiguous rejection of Trump’s continued defense of Saudi leaders in the face of a CIA assessment that concluded Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman likely ordered and monitored Khashoggi’s killing Oct. 2 inside a Saudi consulate in Istanbul. It suggests a bipartisan majority of senators will pursue broader punitive measures when Congress regroups next year — including sanctions and a halt to weapons transfers — despite the administration’s objections.

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10 thoughts on “Senate votes to condemn Saudi crown prince for Khashoggi killing, end support for Yemen war

  1. Will this action change anything? Won’t tRumpsky just ignore it and continue on his merry way? I mean, after all … the OIL, the $$$$, the friendliness that the Saudis share with the tRumpsky family. We can’t just walk away from all that now … can we?

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    • These two Senate votes are purely symbolic especially since the House GOP voted on the Farm Bill to deliberately prevent this debate over Saudi Arabia. However, it’s still very important because some Senate Republicans are now opposing the president’s foreign policy positions. From the insider reports I’ve read today, the Senate won’t go along with Trump’s government shutdown threat (to get funding for his border wall) and he fears that their support for him is waning (because of all the scandals).

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  2. It would be gratifying to be able to believe that finally some senators are deciding to do their job, but as Nan says, can we? Can the heartless,mindless, Idiot Buffoon Trump the senate?

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  3. Paul Ryan’s act to block debates on Yemen in the House with that Farm Bill stunt showed that traitor’s true colors. What a disgusting worm. I wonder, if the Saudis had cut up someone he cared about, would he still be kissing their asses? Probably. Republicans have absolutely NO empathy or human decency at all. Good to see the Senate showing signs to break with Herr Trump.

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