When they started, the “yellow vests” protests were focused on denouncing a squeeze on household spending brought about by President Emmanuel Macron’s taxes on diesel, which he says are necessary to combat climate change and protect the environment.

But for the past two weekends there have also been violent demonstrations and clashes with security forces in Paris and other major cities, with protesters calling for Macron to resign. Some call it a revolution against a president who they see as out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people.

Saturday’s protests in Paris turned particularly violent, with protesters from the far-right and far-left mixing with the “yellow vests” and intent on causing as much damage as possible.

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4 thoughts on ““Yellow vest” protesters knock wind out of French business, economy

  1. To be honest, I find the whole “yellow vest” movement a bit scary. Why? Because of the history of the previous century. The “yellow vests” does ring a bit after the “brown shirts” (a.k.a. the SA, the armed branch of the Nazi party).

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