NEW YORK (Reuters) – A New York state judge rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s request to dismiss a lawsuit in which New York’s attorney general accused him of misusing his namesake foundation to advance his 2016 presidential campaign and his businesses.

The decision issued Friday by Justice Saliann Scarpulla of the state supreme court in Manhattan is a rebuke to the Republican president, whose lawyer had accused Attorney General Barbara Underwood, a Democrat, of “pervasive bias” for suing.

Scarpulla said the U.S. Constitution did not immunize Trump from the lawsuit, and Underwood could pursue claims alleging breach of fiduciary duty, improper self-dealing, and misuse of assets belonging to the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

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4 thoughts on “Trump fails to end New York lawsuit over his charity

    • Indeed, and the further he slips the more desperate he’ll become. That’s when a crucial tipping point will be reached. If Trump fails then, which I suspect he will, his fall will be precipitous. GOP leaders will see the President as a political liability and they’ll act in their own self-interest. Trump will still have the support of his base so he’ll hold onto power as long as he can; but, with the legal walls coming down on him and his congressional allies running for cover, he’ll look for escape routes like Hitler did.

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    Trump fighting furiorisely to safeguard himself and the TRump Foundation.

    This shows, that currently there is a sembalence of independent Law & Order in the US, but if Trump is not curtailed how long will this ab able to continue. If it can not there will be only one law in the US, being the Law of Trump and Trump willhave acieved his ultimate aim to be a ‘Dictator’ whose word has to be followed, irrespective of how damaging it will be for other, the US and eventually the World, as long as Trump is safe and his rulings are the Order.

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