President Donald Trump this week presided over an explosive meeting on a new Cabinet order granting the troops deployed at the southern border the right to use lethal force to defend border patrol agents.

Several White House aides and external advisers who have supported the president’s hawkish immigration agenda attended the Monday meeting, which devolved into a melee pitting two of Trump’s embattled aides, White House chief of staff John Kelly and Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen, against other attendees, according to three people briefed on the exchange.

Kelly and Nielsen argued against signing the declaration, which granted the military broad authority at the border, telling the president that the move was beyond his constitutional powers.

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14 thoughts on “Kelly and Nielsen opposed border order in fiery West Wing debate

      • He’s totally convinced his way is the BEST way. But then this is the way he’s lived his life so why would he change simply because he’s POTUS? IOW, the rules weren’t made for him — just the “little guys.”

        And unfortunately, his over-bearing personality and “position” give him more latitude that he should have.

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        • More negative waves. What’s the basis for your skepticism? Do you know what Robert Mueller knows, the extend of his criminal investigation, or what his procedures and plans are? Do you have such a deep knowledge of U.S. law and American politics that you can predict what will happen? Or, do you secretly admire Trump? Some people parrot Trump as satire. Some people do so for other reasons. Which is it?


        • No, Robert … I certainly don’t have any “inside information.” I’m simply basing my thoughts/opinions on some of the things that have happened so far. There have been several instances, IMO, where I thought THIS is going to be the thing that does him in … and nothing happens. He continues merrily on his way.

          Hopefully the results of the Mueller investigation will finally bring him up short.

          BTW, I hope the “anger” I detect in your response is simply a bit of sarcasm.

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        • The wheels of justice take time. Be patient. Don’t jump to conclusions. It remains a possibility that Trump can grab dictatorial power. If he does, then all of us are in big trouble. However, an informed logical assessment of this unfolding constitutional crisis indicates that Trump’s power grab will fail. It is important for all concerned Americans to keep a level head and not get discouraged. Excessive cynicism can spread like a virus through the population and ruin any chance for remediation.

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