“There is good cause to believe” that the Florida companies have sold shoddy coverage by falsely claiming that such policies were comprehensive health insurance or qualified health plans under the Affordable Care Act, Judge Darrin P. Gayles of the Federal District Court in Miami said in a temporary restraining order issued last week at the request of the Federal Trade Commission.

Telemarketers lured consumers through websites offering Trumpcare and Obamacare, using logos of well-known insurers to make the coverage appear credible, the trade commission said.


Among the products offered through Simple Health and its websites were “short term” health insurance plans like those promoted by President Trump as an alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

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  1. I’ve been seeing some TV commercials for some of these cheap policies. I had a feeling something rotten was up with at least a few of them. Another problem caused by the GOP and their abominable policies on health care.

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