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“One of the more fundamental reasons is that the ocean is warmer now and warmer water holds less oxygen,” says Chan. “And then the second part is that a warmer surface ocean, it acts as an insulating blanket.”

So that blanket stops colder low-oxygen water from rising up and mixing with oxygen in the surf.

Scientists say climate change is behind this. The ocean has been absorbing nearly all the rising heat from greenhouse gas emissions, and it’s projected to grow even warmer in coming decades.

The Extinction Chronicles

40-year crabber David Bailey says hypoxic water can show up like the flip of a switch, “If there are crabs in the pot, they’re dead. Straight up.”

Kristian Foden-Vencil/NPR

Scientists say West Coast waters now have a hypoxia season, or dead-zone season, just like the wildfire season.

Hypoxia is a condition in which the ocean water close to the seafloor has such low levels of dissolved oxygen that the organisms living down there die.

Crabber David Bailey, who skippers the Morningstar II, is rattled by the news. He remembers a hypoxia event out of Newport, Oregon, about a decade ago. He says it shows up “like a flip of a switch.”

“It shows up like a flip of a switch,” he says.

“If there are crabs in the pot, they’re dead. Straight up,”…

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4 thoughts on “Coastal Pacific Oxygen Levels Now Plummet Once A Year

  1. Thanks for sharing this info, Robert. It’s the first time I’m learning about the hypoxia season. One change leads to another… and then another. Until the entire Web of Life collapses. Note the shortsightedness of the crabbers who are happy to collect and share data, but are fearful of revealing the locations of their closely guarded crabbing spots.

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  3. So sad. It would be beautiful if stories like this were on mainstream news outlets instead of advertisements and corporate propaganda. Important stories like this could be made entertaining as well as informative. It’s evidence that the bullshit spewed by a large portion of media apologists is cover for keeping people ignorant – simply to continue the class warfare so successful at keeping wealthy executives in power.

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