Fascinating and somewhat disturbing study on human nature. Highly recommended reading.

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It’s Monday and you are all fresh from the weekend, I hope. No one lost their favourite pets or hurt their toe while looking for the light switch or couldn’t find parking at their favourite spots.

Here is for your Monday reading. It would be great to hear your thoughts on some of the claims made in the piece

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7 thoughts on “what are we like?

  1. Thanks for sharing, Robert. Some disturbing findings, I must admit, like the following excerpts exemplify.

    “Oh, and maybe you should forget the idea of children offering you unconditional kindness – by age three, they are already keeping track of whether you are indebted to them.”
    ~ What?! The little devils!

    “It doesn’t help that many of us are overconfident about how much we understand things, and that when we believe our opinions are superior to others, this deters us from seeking out further relevant knowledge.”
    ~ This has many implications for changing perceptions of our climate change disaster already in progress.

    “We favour ineffective leaders with psychopathic traits”
    ~ Seems like we haven’t yet evolved from our days as hunters and gatherers.

    Look forward to reading Part II.

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    • You’re very welcome. Yes, it does explain a lot about our society. I remember Carl Sagan addressing the discrepancy between human evolution and our technological progress, and that the gap may cause our extinction. However, I believe we can evolve biologically and socially even though it’ll require a tremendous amount of will and wherewithal. It’s all up to us.

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  2. Many spin off ideas from this. I have often wondered why children can be so appallingly nasty to other children – bullying in schools and of siblings and so forth. Do parents teach children this vile behaviour or does it come naturally? If so perhaps we do need to take a strong look at human nature at source. From childhood on the basis of experience of other children I have always assumed that evil is born.

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