12 thoughts on “Watch “What Earth Will Look Like In 2040” on YouTube

  1. Sorry, but people that deny the climate is changing and will soon (VERY soon) affect this planet negatively … are dumb-asses! And “bigly smart” tRumpsky is … the dumbest of the dumbest!

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  2. But…but…but….scientists are all part of the deep state/Chinese plot to destroy ‘Murica and tRump! Idjits! I truly think it takes a certain kind of idjitotry to don a friggin’ MAGA hat and regurgitate the conspiracy crap Trump and the paid off GOP spout out. I find new and deeper ways to hate them almost by the hour.

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    • They are most deserving of our contempt, that’s for sure.

      Yesterday, I bumped into an old neighbor friend. Although in his mid-60s, he recently married a young Filipino. I congratulated him, and we discussed some changes in my (his former) apartment complex. I said that people here aren’t as friendly as they used to be, and the management staff appears really stressed-out. I never once mentioned Trump, but he insinuated that I was blaming Trump for this social disharmony. I immediately walked away. I’m done. If he can’t have a pleasant conversation without bringing up that asshole, then that’s a friend I don’t need.

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        • Their egos need constant reinforcement, just like Trump’s. It reveals their inner insecurities and doubt. The best thing we can do is shun them. Let them wrestle with their demons alone, I say.

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      • I agree. I collect comic books, and most folks who are like minded are fairly open-minded or at least remain quite on the subject of tRumpski. However, there are a few who take EVERY opportunity, online and in person, to toss tRump into the mix and say how comics are being RUINED by SJW’s and anti-Trumpers. It’s literally ridiculous. I collect these things to get the fuck AWAY from this shit, and here it is infecting an innocent hobby like mine. Star Wars fans, or some of them at least, are also pretty vile and push their Trump agendas onto things where they’re not welcome and unneeded–you know, like onto friggin’ Star Wars movies! Frustrating as hell!

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  3. The man on that video is totally offensive. If I were a conservative (I’m not) who did not believe in climate change (I do) then that video
    would lead me to dig in my heels. I know liberals did not start this era of incivility, but we should resist it.


    • That “man” is Cenk Uygur – a former social conservative who later became a progressive. I like him. He’s very refreshing.

      Climate change deniers can dig-in their heels all they want, but the worrisome realities of anthropogenic global warming will burst their delusional bubble sooner or later.


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