The Kavanaugh court will be the one conservatives have worked for decades to construct, experts say, with velocity the only question about the Supreme Court’s advance to the right.

Expect re-energized efforts from social and religious conservatives to get their issues — gun control challenges, religious objections to gay rights — before a court where like-minded justices will make up the majority.

On the other hand, the proliferation of lawsuits from blue-state officials objecting to President Trump’s efforts to loosen environmental standards and impose tougher sanctions on immigration could fizzle.

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9 thoughts on “The Kavanaugh court is the one conservatives have worked decades to build

  1. I never used to follow political “stuff.” In fact, it was only after tRumpsky got elected that I started paying attention to what was going on. Now I wish I’d never started!!!

    Oh I admit, it’s made me a much more “informed voter,” but nevertheless, it’s also been very hard on my mental state.

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    • I can relate to your feelings on an emotional level. We, on the long-suffering Left, all have similar sentiments. But, what is the cost of our detached mental bliss? While we were preoccupied with our apolitical Lefty pursuits, right-wing conservatives were seizing political power and planning to use it most forcefully. Now, their grip on power might be impossible to break.

      It has been a continuing struggle for me to convince fellow Lefties that the world is not the nice place they want it to be. Democracy is not an optional exercise. It must be constantly fought for. Our mental bliss is an unaffordable luxury. While we slept, the torchbearers set fire to our house.

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  2. Kavanaugh could turn out to be the mainstream centrist the Republicans claim that he is. That would be a hoot. Justices behavior once in the court is often unpredictable and not what was expected.


        • One guy said he was an independent centrist. I said then why are you supporting a far right wing conservative. For some reason that made him angry and three others as well who agreed with him.
          That was on a blog hosted by a liberal and most of the people who comment there are pretty liberal. But a few on that sight supported K.

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        • If I had a dollar for every self-described “independent centrist” who supported far-right conservatives, I’d be rich beyond my wildest dreams. The facts of the matter are that self-identification as Independent only correlates to a rejection of party affiliation (for example, I am an Independent and a Progressive), and that true centrists and moderates are now moving away from Trump and Kavanaugh.

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