10 thoughts on “Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court, and Us

  1. Outstanding piece! This stood out to me: “Do they now not understand that Republicans will plow ahead no matter how mad they get or how much they protest? It is not a futile exercise to scream at the ship after it has already left you on the dock?”
    I could not agree more. There is such apathy in so many people. It’s like watching an arsonist pour gasoline on a building, light a match which blows out, then strike another which is tossed on the building and doing NOTHING to stop it except bitch and moan only AFTER the building’s burned down.
    Today I’ve got an enormous migraine from worrying about all this; so, since I’ve already voted, I’m going to read some comic books and chill out the rest of the day, at least I’ll try to. Like you say, what’s going to happen is so hard to truly know for certain. However, that doesn’t always prevent me from being terrified of what might.

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  2. Excellent post…excellent writing.
    I am worn out mentally from stressing over not just the Kavanaugh confirmation, but what’s down the road in 2020 and beyond. The sheer moment in time we are all experiencing is depressing and foreboding. We are witnessing a turning point in our nation’s history…a train heading towards a cliff and will it stop in time?

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  3. This excellent Bob.
    The left, or whatever is left of it, must reorganise, educate the masses and offer a coherent vision that does not only mean opposing the Republican talking points, but goes further than that to chart a clear way ahead

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  4. An excellent post, Bob. It certainly paints a very dire picture that seems to be reflected in Canadian politics as conservative parties are defeating liberal parties in provincial elections this year: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick – and Alberta seems to be poised to be next.

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