As the FBI continues its investigation into Dr. Blasey Ford’s claims, a group of mental health experts are calling for Kavanaugh to undergo a full psychological and substance abuse assessment before the Senate votes on his confirmation. We speak with Dr. Bandy Lee of the Yale School of Medicine, the lead author of a letter titled “Mental Health Experts Urge Examination Based on Warning Signs in Kavanaugh Testimony.” The letter reads, “Judge Kavanaugh exhibited behavior that, if engaged in during his possible tenure as a Supreme Court Justice, would yield a dangerous combination of instability and power.” Dr. Lee is a forensic psychiatrist on the faculty of Yale School of Medicine and Yale graduate who has taught at Yale Law School for the past fifteen years.

Continue reading:  Mental Health Experts Demand Psychological Assessment of Kavanaugh for Drinking, Instability

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Updates on the FBI investigation and Senate confirmation process, from:  Senators review single copy of FBI’s report on Kavanaugh — live updates

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell filed a motion Wednesday for a cloture vote on Kavanaugh for Friday. Those close to the situation now anticipate a confirmation vote to come some time Saturday. Precise scheduling will come from Leader McConnell.

28 thoughts on “Mental Health Experts Demand Psychological Assessment of Kavanaugh for Drinking, Instability

  1. Being that far too many in the GOP are narcissistic sociopaths, I doubt they give much credence to anything psychologists would say. Besides, it would make perfect sense, after his testimony, to have Kavanaugh evaluated by a psychologist. Sense it makes sense, the Repukes ain’t gonna do it. Makes ’em look weak to their frenzied, blood-thirsty followers. Kavanaugh is sickening.

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    • I think it’s long past the time for us to stop worrying about what far-right Republican fanatics say. We should instead concern ourselves with reality and with helping all Americans make informed choices about their country. If we do our best in this regard, and the nation still chooses the path of destruction offered by Trump and his minion, then so be it.

      Trump is clearly unfit for office, and this torturous confirmation process has revealed serious doubts about Kavanaugh’s fitness for office. If Republicans put him on the Supreme Court, then it is they who will be responsible for his actions.

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      • I agree. I voted already. I just hope many, many more people do the same. I think I’ve gotten at least one person to register and vote. It’s so easy here in IL. Our Gov. Bruce “The Goose” Rauner is running the worse campaign I’ve ever seen. His ads are confusing and convoluted. His Dem opponent, Pritzker, should wipe him out. Rauner is literally one of THE worse, most useless govs we’ve ever had.

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  2. Yes! And at LEAST do the type of “psychological assessment” that puts Kavanaugh bound, spread-eagle, and nude with a Gag-ball in that whiny mouth, and let Dr. Blasey Ford and her 4-5 Dominatrix women and one massive Hulk-like gay man (The Gimp?) return the memories! 😈🤩

    First Brettsy, I want you to go pick-up that bar of soap in front of The Gimp-Man (Pulp Fiction) so he can give you the gimp!” (que the Deliverance banjo)

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