BEIJING —The commercial battle between the United States and China heated up Monday as the economic powerhouses slapped each other with the largest rounds of tariffs yet, unleashing punitive duties now on roughly half of their traded goods.

President Trump imposed fresh levies on $200 billion in Chinese imports, prompting Beijing to respond with tariffs on $60 billion in American goods, approaching the point of running out of U.S. products to target.

Neither of the world’s two largest economies showed signs of backing down, and there are no further trade talks scheduled to resolve the dispute.

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    • What we need to keep in mind is that despite our liberal perspective of Trump supporters, they are not uniformly monolithic. Yes, there is roughly 25% of the electorate who’ll support Trump no matter what he does; but, there is roughly another 20% who are more practical. It is the latter group who are now becoming acutely aware of this trade war’s consequences and regarding other issues as well.

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