Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear,” describes a “nervous breakdown of Trump’s presidency.” Earlier this year, Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury” offered a similar portrayal.

Now, an op-ed in The New York Times by an anonymous “senior White House official” describes how deeply the troubles in this administration run and what effort is required to protect the nation.

None of this is a surprise to those of us who, 18 months ago, put together our own public service book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.”

My focus as the volume’s editor was on Trump’s dangerousness because of my area of expertise in violence prevention. Approaching violence as a public health issue, I have consulted with governments and international organizations, in addition to 20 years of engaging in the individual assessment and treatment of violent offenders.


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7 thoughts on “Thousands of mental health professionals agree with Woodward and the New York Times op-ed author: Trump is dangerous : The Conversation

  1. The only information I have been able to find is that a person will be likely to continue the behaviors they have shown in the past. I expect the same is true of Trump. Increase stress may exacerbate the behavior patterns shown in the past. My guess is Trump will continue his tantrums. Presidents in the past have done that. I don’t see him starting a war. I keep telling myself that. I may be engaging in self delusion myself.

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    • I am not a medical professional, but I have studied psychology and sociology in depth. Trump, in my opinion, is a classic megalomaniac – technically, narcissistic personality disorder. He is self-consumed with himself. Nothing else matters to him – so much so that it is difficult for him to discern reality. Such dissociation can lead to psychosis. Individuals having this mental disorder typically reach a point of crisis where the reality they’ve secluded themselves from crashes down upon them. You see, these people are very insecure and don’t have enough courage to confront the real world. Hitler is a good example.

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      • People with personality disorders including narcissism do not typically become psychotic That’s a pretty extreme statement. Saying Trump is narcissistic and cannot face reality is also extreme. I don’t think we can read Trump’s mind by any means. His behavior is outside the norm bounds and will continue that way.


        • I’ll reemphasize my comment:

          Such dissociation can lead to psychosis.

          Hitler became psychotic, as a case-in-point.

          Whether an extreme statement or not, many psychologists and psychiatrists have made similar statements. And, Trump’s apparent mental disorder is well understood among medical professionals. There is no mystery here.


    • Actually, I can very well see him starting a war, but not in a fit of tantrum necessarily as much as to accomplish two things: a) distract from the numerous scandals that plague him and his administration, and b) increase his support base. Nothing brings about internal cohesion like an external threat. I would not be in the least surprised to see him start a war with Iran, but not until after the mid-terms.

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      • The problem is that we can’t predict that it would be Iran. It might well be a less “dangerous” nation but one where the outcome will be more predictable thus ensuring the outcome he wants. Nevermind that the outcome for citizens of the target nation will likely be dire if past history of American intervention is repeated.

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        • Very true … he has used the Iran analogy many times back during Obama’s presidency, and also during his own, so it seems logical, but you are right … his mind doesn’t follow logic very often, so it wouldn’t surprise me for him to declare war on Switzerland if they mocked him in just the wrong mood.

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