President Donald Trump ripped ESPN on Tuesday night for its plans to not show the national anthem live as part of its NFL broadcasts.

But ESPN is not the only major network planning to go that route.

A CBS Sports spokesperson told USA TODAY Sports this week that it also does not plan to televise the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner as part of its weekly NFL broadcasts, which is the same approach it has taken in recent years.

A person familiar with Fox Sports’ approach said the network plans to show the anthem only during what it considers to be special broadcasts — including on Veterans Day and Thanksgiving and during the playoffs. The person requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue.

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23 thoughts on “How CBS, Fox and NBC plan to handle the national anthem during NFL broadcasts in 2018

  1. Good idea to stop showing the anthem. And to stop playing it before the games.
    I stopped watching the games last year. Not because of the flag uproar but from lack of interest. Sunday’s were a lot better without staring at the tv.
    The game is just organized mayhem. I may have lost interest because of the realization of the injuries.
    Fine with me if they stop showing the games.

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  3. I utterly loathe National Anthems. All of them.
    They are nothing but war songs.
    This is mine and that’s your’s. You touch mine and you’re gonna get your’s!

    And the SSB is only worthwhile listening to if played by Hendrix.

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  4. Not that I watch sports of any kind but I do appreciate what the NFL players are doing. It is a simple, peaceful protest meant to bring attention to the loss of human life. There can be no better, more noble reason to protest. And on the one hand, sure it keeps Twitler from having one more thing to put on his white hood and rant about, it is also tantamount to censoring the players and curtailing their expression. Catch-22 situation there.

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    • That’s a very good point. The NFL got caught in the middle between the players’ protests (which I fully support) and Trump’s Twitter backlash, and they desperately wanted a way out of the mess. This move by the networks appears to satisfy that desire. Personally, I’ve always opposed the playing of national anthems at sporting events because I see patriotism as “the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

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      • Yeah, I wish the NFL’s leadership had more backbone. The right thing for them to have done from the start is to have backed those players and then made a big deal of encouraging ALL players to do the same (which could have effectively quelled the whole race argument and made it a full on human rights argument, in line with the intention of Black Lives Matter). They could have gone straight to the press, seized the whole national dialogue and possibly gotten something done about police killings on the national level.

        But the NFL has no backbone to speak of and those players are being sent a powerful message about just how right their protest is, because institutional racism absolutely does exist, and they get the reinforcement of a false idea that black lives don’t matter when they do, just as much as everybody else’s lives.

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        • The NFL’s dilemma is a common one these days – how to balance ethical principles versus self-interest. The country is so politically and culturally divided now, that any strong philosophical stance – be it right or wrong – would surely anger a great many people.

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        • True. But it’s the NFL. People pay exorbitant prices for merchandise and tickets even to perpetually losing teams (like our Cleveland Browns!) If any organization could have grabbed the moral high ground and used it to influence the citizenry away from the likes of the KKK and its cohorts, it would have been the NFL. And they could have rallied the Progressive pro- civil rights groups and brought the minority groups together.

          They missed a golden opportunity to do the right thing, make it the popular grass roots cause the Democrats can’t seem to be able to pull off, and get away with it. They could have made the NFL synonymous with human and civil rights and added to their iconic public image.

          Instead of looking solidly like a bunch of cowardly, pencil-necked bottom line profit sucking wimps.

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  5. Why play the national anthem at all for domestic competitions? I understand why many like their national anthem at international events, but why domestic? Most Kiwis would cringe if our national anthem was played before events where teams were not representing nations. Even Super Rugby games (a Rugby Union competition between 15 teams from 5 nations) do not see national anthems played.

    Besides, a haka is more inspiring (and challenging) than a song 🙂

    However, I do understand that in the American context, the message conveyed by the NFL players’ protests is being silenced to some degree. I find that disappointing.

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