Stormy Daniels’ hard-charging, 47-year-old attorney sounded more than a few Trumpian notes over the weekend as he made his first visit to Iowa since his surprise declaration that he was exploring a run for the presidency. And Democrats are fooling themselves, he argues, if they don’t think the 2020 contest will once again be a battle of personalities more than a contest of ideas.

“I think that if the Democratic Party focuses on nominating who will make the best president, that’s going to be a critical mistake,” Avenatti told NBC News in an interview before he addressed about 1,000 party activists in the first nominating state. “There’s only one question at the end of the day, and that question is: Can the potential nominee beat Donald Trump?”

For Avenatti, the path to Iowa began like it did for many distraught Democrats after 2016 — seeking to understand why so many blue collar voters in the Rust Belt who had backed President Obama turned to Trump. Early in 2017, he read with interest the blunt message sent to the Clinton campaign well before November from David Betras, chair of the Mahoning County Democrats, warning that her message on the economy and trade wasn’t resonating with Ohio voters.

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10 thoughts on “Avenatti’s ‘swagger’ stirs Iowa Democrats

  1. I’ve been wondering who the Dems will run for president and frankly, I couldn’t think of a one that could stand up to trump’s bullying, lying, name calling insulting ways, but this man could.

    The Dems have some good folks, but they don’t have the street smart ways that Avenatti does.

    It would be like going to WWE wrestling match on a daily basis. And the tweets! In a sick way, I feel it would be such fun..I know, I know…not good.

    But he is smart and savvy and if he has no skeletons in his closet….just maybe.

    And I would vote for anyone rather than trump.

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