The geography of this map is intriguing and warrants further examination. More racially biased countries are in the east and south of Europe with the Balkans standing out as a regional exception. That is somewhat surprising considering the ethnic tensions which have plagued the Balkans for centuries. Regarding the east-south bias, is it attributable to lower economic and educational conditions than the west-north; or, is it attributable to cultural differences?

My Mazamet

“… Each country on the map is coloured according to the average score of test takers from that country. Redder countries show higher average bias, bluer countries show lower average bias, as the scale on the top of the map shows.Like a similar map which had been made for US states, our map shows variation in the extent of racial bias – but all European countries are racially biased when comparing blacks versus whites.

In every country in Europe, people are slower to associate blackness with positive words such as “good” or “nice” and faster to associate blackness with negative concepts such as “bad” or “evil”. But they are quicker to make the link between blackness and negative concepts in the Czech Republic or Lithuania than they are in Slovenia, the UK or Ireland.”

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