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Flash Droughts Are Becoming More Common.

I wanted to bookmark two well-written articles on climate change that contain useful information. Nothing better than a blog post for making a record.

Here is a link to download Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene. The article describes the apocalypse that will probably occur if Earth warms by two degrees Celsius.

“Our study suggests that human-induced global warming of two degrees Celsius may trigger other Earth system processes, often called “feedbacks,” that can drive further warming – even if we stop emitting greenhouse gases,” –Will Steffen, lead author of the study published in the journal PNAS.

The article is catching lots of attention, but not as much as the Sunday NY Times article by Nathaniel Rich. All the major news media are discussing that article: Losing Earth; the Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change.

“Like most human questions…

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14 thoughts on “Losing Earth & Hothouse Earth

    • Indeed. One of my writing projects is a speculative piece about how we might be perceived by E.T.s visiting Earth for the first time. If I finish it, and if it’s good enough, I’ll post it on my blog.

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      • I’d love to read that!

        I was thinking after reading these posts just why, when you get right down to it, people deny climate change.

        Several thoughts ….one…religion of two camps: one believes god will save the day eventually and is control of it anyway.

        The other are the ones who welcome the end times and view the paradise is not here and not worth their cares of earth.

        Then there are the people that deny it strictly because democrats, liberals and the much hated intellectuals and scientists promote it. They hate these groups, perhaps out of fear or envy, so they aren’t about to support something they support.

        Another group are the totally apathetic people who only think about their petty lives and complaints and grievances.

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        • Thanks for the encouragement!

          Yes, all those attitudes you mentioned either deny or are apathetic towards climate change; but, there’s more too. Fossil fuel industries and their allies have very strong motives to oppose climate science, and even some on the other end of the political spectrum (e.g. anti-science and anti-technology leftists) insist that climate change is natural (i.e. not caused by human activity).

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  1. My comment over on Garry’s blog:

    “Never in my wildest future dreams did I think my own children — 24 y/o daughter and 17 y/o son — would be confronting this global crisis, much less my GRAND children for goodness sake!!! Ten, twenty years ago they were saying 2050 – 2060(?) we’d be in a serious desparate crisis. Geeeezzzz, I can’t (but I can) understand the rampant ignorance about this possible/probable Extinction Event!!!” 😲😩

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    • While I never had any children of my own, that doesn’t lessen the sadness I feel for all children today. Their future looks problematic. What a shame.

      There were those of us who tried to educate the public decades ago, but to no avail. Then we tried issuing warnings, but that didn’t work either. Finally, we sounded the alarm bells which were met with blank stares, rolled eyes, covered ears, and angry denials.

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      • And how many of those “blank stares, rolled eyes, covered ears, and angry denials” are actual highly trained, educated, and experienced scientists of climatology, meteorology, atmospheric physics/chemistry, solar physics, geophysics, oceanography, glaciology, ecology, biogeography, biochemistry, ecophysiology, applied mathematics, and so on and so on and so to some 30 different interdisciplinary fields… that know WTF they are even saying or not saying!!!!!!!!? 😡

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        • Exactly! My Mom worked for Mobil Oil for like 15-16 years thru the 80’s and early 90’s so I met MANY a scientist there. Several I listened to promoted “Big Oil” and everything it provides to our society like it was better than sliced bread and penicillin. 😩

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        • Like most things in life, there is an “up” side and a “down” side. Fossil fuels did power the Industrial Revolution, and much of our current living standards can be at least partially attributed to it. But, if modern civilization collapses because of our fossil fuel use, or if our species goes extinct because of it, then their argument becomes mute.

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        • Remember Carl Sagan proposed something like maybe all technological civilizations reach a point when they self destruct. At the time he meant nuclear war, but there are other ways indeed.

          Maybe there are a finite few out there in the universe, but it probably won’t be us and I doubt we’ll ever know of any possibly success story if it’s out there.

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