At least 40 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend during the seven hours from midnight Saturday to early Sunday morning, with four fatalities, city police said on Sunday, a stark violent streak in a city where authorities say gun violence has been decreasing this year.

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9 thoughts on “At least 40 shot and four killed in a night of Chicago gun violence

  1. Just curious, Robert, if you feel the police are generally, but not all, more leaning to the right wing of politics. I have heard the Chicago police love trump.
    I fear all of this is going to get worse as we head towards Nov. and then leading up to 2020, if humanity is still around and our country, I can only imagine.

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    • There is ample circumstantial evidence to support the notion that police in the U.S. are generally conservative and regularly show favoritism to the political right. This shouldn’t be surprising, though, because law enforcement typically attracts such personality traits. For example, former military personnel often transition into police work.

      However, we must acknowledge the fact that despite the ugly nature of these white supremacists, they do have a legal right to demonstrate in public. The same is true for the Antifa, but they often seek direct physical confrontation with these racist Neo-Nazis which the police have no choice but to stop. It’s just a bad situation all around, and I don’t know what the answers are. This is the downside of our “freedom of speech,” I suppose.

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