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Last night I wrote about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his newly formed Religious Tyranny Task Force. The goal of that task force is to make sure that white conservative Christians can impose their beliefs on other and suffer no recriminations from discriminating against Gays and others that they do not want to serve or care for, even if their religious rights trump the civil rights of others. It is perhaps one of the most incestuous and dangerous displays of marriage of the Church and the police power of the state in the history of the United States.

Likewise, last month I wrote an article about having been accused by a chapel congregation member of conduct unbecoming an officer and contempt towards the President of the United States. I wrote the article after I was cleared of the charges during the preliminary inquiry. But it…

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21 thoughts on “Dealing With “Christian” Political Extremists: My Recent Experience

  1. I read his post. Looks like he has a problem. Generally if a minister disagrees eithe the beliefs of some in the congregation there is an attempt to remove and replace the minister. If that fails the members who don’t agree start attending a different church more in tune to their beliefs.

    I fon’t see how the minister can change his sermon to say something he does not believe. He has to say what he believes and see what hsppens. If the belief gap is too wide either he will be replaced or some of the congregation may leave or stop attending until he is gone.

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    • I was inclined to connect you with Steve because of your similar backgrounds, but I didn’t want to be so forward. Instead, I was hoping it would happen naturally. I think you two would have a lot to talk about. He’s still a believer, but is having a lot of doubt about his faith these days.

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        • Now you’re feeding my devilish little ego! It could grow to monstrous proportions – lol!

          BTW, I’m an amateur military historian of long standing. I love to discuss strategy, tactics, etc. I’ve tried to engage Steve in such discussions, but he didn’t seem to have the time or energy to do so.

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        • Oh you SHOULD NOT have said that Robert! Hahahahaha! (images of long days and long nights under wee candlelight of near gone candles… discussing weaponry, tactics, resources, diversions, and naturally corrupt politics… all dancing in my imaginative head now!)

          First question to you then fine Sir…

          Why do you think Germany gave up their invasion of Britain (1940) so prematurely when they were LITERALLY on the brink of wiping out the RAF and laying open the shores of southern Britain?

          Btw, it isn’t necessarily a right or wrong quiz/answer… just your thoughts/opinions. 😉

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        • Germany was winning the Battle of Britain until a profound accident happened. One of their bombers went off course and dropped their payload on London. The Brits, seeing an opportunity, launched a small retaliatory night attack against Berlin which caused very little damage. Predictably, the megalomaniac Hitler overreacted and ordered the Luftwaffe to shift its primary target from the RAF airfields in the south to London. This gave RAF Fighter Command the reprieve it needed to refresh its strength. After a particularly costly and bloody air battle in September 1940, Hitler lost confidence that the Luftwaffe could win (remember that Hitler had lost confidence in Goering’s ability during the Dunkirk operation). Without first securing air supremacy over the English Channel, Germany had no choice but to suspend its invasion plans.

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        • That is a very good answer Robert and of course all correct! 👍

          Not to get way off on an irrelevant tangent here on your post… I would add this to your excellent summary:

          The first, quick and easy one word answer could/would be: Hitler. Flat out a moronic Commander-in-Chief or Supreme Commander. Yes, megalomaniac indeed at the expense of a most superior Luftwaffe (in both planes & pilots), Wehrmacht with tanks, U-boat fleet, and very well-trained Fallschirmjäger/Gebirgsjäger units (Special Forces paratroopers, etc.)… Hitler had every imaginable advantage at the time to secure Western Europe decisively! Then the numb-skull Führer couldn’t control his obsession of the Soviets. Hahahaha! Being so neurotic and self-absorbed at that pivotal time, THEN to go after Moscow was perhaps the most absurd military decision of ALL military conflicts in all of history! Astounding really on the scales of stupidity, huh?

          There were certainly several reasons, those you mentioned as well, but the fanatical megalomaniac just had no clue how to use his explicit and implicit advantages did he? 🙄😩

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        • It was obvious to the German High Command from the beginning that Hitler was completely incompetent to head the military. That’s why some of them tried to assassinate him in July 1944. His strategic and tactical blunders are numerous and legendary, including his decision to invade the Soviet Union and to use the ME 262 as a “blitz bomber.” And, how about his decision to limit Rommel’s supplies in North Africa when doing so could have easily dislodged British control over Egypt.

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        • Yes indeed. Can you imagine the millions of lives saved in Europe, N. Africa, Eurasia, and N. America had the real Germans succeeded in assassinating him? 😮 And there were some others besides von Stauffenberg’s. OMG YES regarding Rommel. Imagine what Europe could’ve been in 1941-43 had Rommel, von Manstein, Guderian, von Rundstedt, and several others had they been in complete control of all German forces! 😬

          Another reason I brought up WW2 and Hitler is because of the many similarities between he (as the Supreme Ruler/Commander) and modern leaders with practically identical and manifested psychological pathologies, rhetoric, and behavior. The only major differences I can think of between two comparisons in particular is this:

          1) When HItler didn’t like a general they were usually executed. Anyone in Washington D.C. is immediately FIRED!

          2) Hitler ordered the mass genocide of “undesirables.” Undesirables in Washington D.C. and the Press are either FIRED and/or publicly shamed, maimed, and “removed”… ostracized. None of this is Constitutional in the least.

          If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it and allow it to perpetuate.

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        • I wholeheartedly agree about the historical parallels to today as well as our failing to learn from them. It’s really quite frightening.

          When discussing military strategy, tactics, technology, etc., I am strictly an academic. People have asked me over the years how I can be against war yet be so interested in it. I usually answer that question with a question: How can seismologists be so interested in earthquakes when they can be so incredibly destructive?

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        • BOOM! (mic drop) Excellent rebuttal Robert.

          And honestly its stupidity and naivety NOT to be well-prepared against those who wouldn’t think twice about exterminating you (and your loved ones?) by thoroughly and intimately understanding that enemy’s M.O., history, and weaknesses. Because if you do and have done your homework well… you can at least maintained 50/50 odds (or better) and the battlefield. We do that in professional sports and in businesses inside a competitive free-market. Why would one not do it in other areas, especially when it comes to certifiable psychos? LOL

          You are a smart “general” Robert. 😉

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  2. I posted on his blog, which I follow, that Steve is a decent man and that if most Christians were like him, trump would have never been elected, nor would we be having this problem in our country today.

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