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Almost a quarter of a century ago the late Senator Barry Goldwater observed something that is now coming to full fruition. He remarked to John Dean:

“Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.” November, 1994, in John Dean, Conservatives Without Conscience.

They were always up front about who they are and what they believe and they galvanized Christians to follow Republicans for one purpose and one purpose only: to seize control of the government. Gary North was one of the intellectual leaders of the movement. Quiet and…

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19 thoughts on “Acting in the Name of God: Sessions Commissions Religious Tyranny Task Force

  1. Posted my comment over on Steve’s blog. This stuff is not only disturbing, but equally astonishing of the sheer IGNORANCE these politicians and their constituents have about our historical Founding Fathers, our DoI, our Constitution, and the marrow of those three components! None of our nation’s roots or governing laws are Christian in the least… and that’s EXACTLY how our core Founding Fathers designed it! Period!

    The ignorance surrounding this “movement” is also infuriating Robert. It is not based on any supporting facts! 😡

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      • I won’t argue that Nan. 😉 However, I can certainly say this about many rural Texans (and for that matter from my many years in Mississippi too), that at least some 50% to 72% of Texans (and Mississippians) do not graduate with a H.S. diploma; the bulk of those citizens don’t even obtain an Associate’s degree. But they DAMN SURE go to church! My point is that even their elementary/primary and secondary educations are not sufficient to teach adequate critical-thinking skills — and do you think their parents teach them that? No. Most likely their education was worse and much less!

        If they don’t really know how to recognize blatant rhetoric, propaganda, marketing designed to prick, hype and emotionalize their cultural-familial values/beliefs (even when grossly fallacious!)… they don’t know what they don’t know; no one intelligent enough ever taught them. That’s my point. 🙂

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        • It’s like they’re too stupid to know they’re stupid. Now I realize the damage is done by poor education and generations of other people with poor educations and a small town rural religion is everything mindset.
          This is a vicious circle for them and how do you even begin to reverse it and can you?

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        • Great and very important questions Mary! While teaching in rural west-central Texas at a charter school (for Spec Ed wards-of-the-state students) where 80% – 85% of our classroom were behavioral, emotional, and mental case students, most all of those parents, family and/or guardians of those kids were not much more “bright(?)” than the students we were trying to give a chance in life — and out of our HORRENDOUS prison systems! A year later Governor Rick Perry and his GOP in Austin cut out so many state and federal funds (Texas doesn’t like Washington D.C. dictating our policies!) and budgeting, that we almost had to close down the entire school district! We lost over half of our staff (including myself) because no one was getting there “guaranteed annual raise” (3%?) and none of us teachers were getting any badly needed Special Ed Aids — assistants teachers MUST HAVE in order to handle the incredible legal paperwork required by state and federal laws… ON TOP OF our normal(?) workloads of lesson-plans, etc, etc. And I was teaching 4 different grade levels and 3 different core subjects!

          Needless to say Mary, my medical doctor sternly warned me I HAD to change my life for health reasons and to avoid hypertension leading to strokes. Hahahaha! Yeah, NO SHIT SHERLOCK!!! 😛

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