By Robert A. Vella

Two important but very strange developments occurred today regarding President Trump.

Two members of the House of Representatives’ far-right Freedom Caucus (a.k.a. Tea Party members) and nine other members introduced articles of impeachment against U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (who oversees the Mueller investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election), but did so immediately before the House adjourned for its summer recess.  Apparently, either the vote threshold to impeach Mr. Rosenstein do not yet exist or this is simply a political move to appease Trump supporters ahead of the midterm elections.  See:  Sessions defends deputy Rosenstein after impeachment move

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is now examining President Trump’s statements made on social media (i.e. Twitter) in order to determine if it constitutes a general obstruction of justice pattern intended to intimidate DOJ officials and potential witnesses (i.e. witness tampering) related to his ongoing Russian meddling investigation.  However, Mueller has previously stated that a sitting president cannot be criminally indicted;  so, his motive is unclear.  Some are speculating that Mueller may be laying the legal groundwork for possible impeachment proceedings against Trump.  See:  Mueller Examining Trump’s Tweets in Wide-Ranging Obstruction Inquiry

34 thoughts on “House moves to impeach Rosenstein, Mueller investigating Trump for obstruction of justice

  1. This makes me nervous, Robert. As much as I think tRump deserves impeachment (along with Pence), I worry about his supporters and their passionate conviction that their leader is beyond reproach. Where will their anger lead them?

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  2. If he told his followers to take up arms and kill people in the streets for him, I bet far too many of them would do just that. The loyalty that his minions have toward him is sickening because he truly doesn’t give frig about them.

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  3. I haven’t had the time nor the energy to legitimately follow all of these proceedings, events, in any significant detail Robert, but I do remember awhile back reports on PBS, CNN, newspapers, etc, were saying for reasons I’m not up-to-speed on that Rosenstein was a “High Value Target” for the tRump SS squads if Mueller was getting way too close to all the skeletons bulging out the closet doors in the White House.

    What I do know is prestinely clear is that tRump has no regard whatsoever for our Constitution, it’s spirits of the law or the letter of laws, let alone having any PRINCIPLES to serve THE PEOPLE of the U.S. rather than himself and his “image.”

    If Rosenstein is impeached, what are the ramifications for a tRump second-term?

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    • It’s pretty unlikely that will happen. The freedom caucus/ Russian arm of the GOP is merely showing loyalty to tRump and the mindless, raging idiots who worship him. “SEE! We tried to impeach the bastard who DARED to investigate Trump’s criminal, treasonous behavior. OK. Now, vote for us in Nov.”

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    • A Trump second term? Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. This year’s midterms will be pivotal for Trump’s presidency.

      From what I can see now, the impeachment of Rosenstein in the House looks questionable and his removal from office by the Senate looks problematic. I think Trump supporters are just trying to rally their base before November.

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