8 thoughts on ““An Almond Don’t Lactate”: Feds Move To Block The Use Of “Milk” For Almonds

  1. From the article

    ”Does this mean if the almond milk producers use female employees they would meet the definition?”

    The mind boggles.
    I am pleased it is an issue! And if cows could talk they would be in agreement. Means someone is feeling a little insecure!
    Any publicity is good publicity.

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  2. What next? No more coconut milk or soy milk? What about peanut butter? Will you no longer be able to buy non-dairy ice cream? Every aerosol can of whipped cream I’ve checked has absolutely no cream in it. Then there’s jelly beans – no legumes in those.

    Why not go the whole hog: we all know wooden tables are made from wood and glass jars are made from glass, but how many of us realise that baby food isn’t made from babies?

    Can I ask the education level of those FDA officials? “Almond milk” is simply a compound noun. This NZ Education First web page notes that “The compound noun can be written either as a single word, as a word with a hyphen, or as two words” and that “Compound nouns often have a meaning that is different, or more specific, than the two separate words”. As a compound noun, “almond milk” describes “a substance extracted from almonds that has a milk-like appearance”. It does not mean that it’s milk made by or from almonds.

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