1531390682941We discussed the arrest of Stormy Daniels this week and the curious Ohio laws making any touching between strippers and customers a crime, even the touching of clothing.  The arrest was part of an operation with four undercover officers.  The later dropping of the charges only deepened questions over the need for the string operation and the arrest of Daniels, who real name is Stephanie Clifford.

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21 thoughts on “Daniels Charge Dismissal Deepens Doubts About Police Sting Operation In Columbus

  1. As a hetero male, I think the idea of another woman putting her face between Stromy’s breasts is something to be applauded, encouraged, and enjoyed. 🙂 Glad this nonsense was dismissed. Stormy gets arrested while Trump is over in Europe doing the bidding of his master, Vladimir Putin. HA!

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    • Ah, yes. We hetero males do revere breasts! What caught my attention in this story, though, is that the arresting officers’ motivation is now being investigated. Was it retribution against Stormy from Trump supporters?

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      • 100% yes! No doubt in my mind. I’m glad they’re looking into it, too. Didn’t expect that. Avenatti probably raised a stink. I like that guy. Pretty much EVERY cop I’ve talked to in Chicago has supported Trump. I find that amazing. Granted, I’ve not spoken to many cops about this, but of the 3 or 4 I have, they’ve loved the orange traitor. Pretty soon the shit he’s doing will equally screw over everyone equally. Well, unless you’re rich.

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  2. (big long sigh and facepalm)

    Just another obvious (imbecilic) tactic by tRump minions to discredit opposition (in whatever desperate possible way) to avoid the REAL truth and the core character-traits of the orange orangutan occupying the White House. He always attacks those who question him (e.g. the media) or can deface further his already vile basic person. That’s what mob-bosses and facist leaders do and have always done throughout history.

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      • Very true Jeff. What saddens me and makes me deeply ashamed of being an American right now is that those exact Congress members and now those into our Judicial Branches, have sacrificed (intentionally or not) some of our nation’s sacred founding concepts, the biggest one being Freedom of Religion/Non-Religion (forms of undemocratic governing!) and the Seperation of Church and State. IOW, America’s federal and state government(s) are essentially to be neutral, secular, impartial to any one type of belief-system. The ONLY WAY a people can maintain that balance is by diversity and tolerance… but furthermore by clear-cut high educational standards of BROAD curriculums! Everything I’ve just listed has been in steady deterioration since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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  3. If you and a like minded group wanted to take over a country and we’re willing to work on it for years slowly but surely, the thing you’d focus on would be their weak spots and divisions. Some of the things you would do would be to ruin education to make people dumber, you’d create and pander to people’s fear of those not like them, you’d make promises that can never be kept (like bringing back coal), you’d quietly amass great wealth and influence for your group and obtain control through various corporations, lobbyists and organizations.

    And lastly play to the weakest and most vulnerable spot (in the US), religion and the need of the religious to feel vindicated for their ridiculous beliefs, bigotry, racism and arrogance and instill in them their already feelings of superiority. And walla…you have a takeover and without shedding much blood……yet.

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  4. And Robert, have you heard about tRump’s Sun News interview and the horrible things he said about the British Prime Minister, THEN outside in that press conference tRump’s behavior to journalists that were not FOX News? He acted not only like a school-yard childish bully, but tried insulting the British Prime Minister again!!!

    Btw, I LOVED that huge balloon of orange-fat-baby-trump the British people brought out in protest!!! Hahahahahaha! 🤣

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