President Donald Trump begins a six-day European trip amid blazing anxiety among US allies over his commitment to the transatlantic alliance and antipathy for its leaders and institutions while stirring new disquiet about his cozy, baffling relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Such concerns will color a tense NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium, beginning Wednesday; Trump’s long-delayed visit to Britain, where turmoil over Brexit is raging; and his first standalone summit with Putin in Finland on Monday.

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45 thoughts on “Allies wonder if West can withstand Trump presidency

  1. Something that puzzles me about tRumpsky’s thinking (I should say one of many things!) — does he not understand that the U.S. is one of the richest country on this planet? Why then does he think other, “poorer” countries should pay as much as we do?

    I don’t understand much about “world economics” (I’m lucky to get my own budget balanced!), but it just seems logical to me that we would carry a bigger load. Am I missing something?

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    • You’re not missing anything. But, remember that Trump and his minion are not thinking and acting rationally. To them, it’s all about the perception of winning. Reality, for many, is in the eye of the beholder.


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    • Understanding international politics isn’t his strong point. Earlier today he was making quite a big deal about the US “protecting” Europe from Russia. This ignores the obvious fact that Russia’s economy is about the size of Spain’s. That means it’s considerably smaller than say France (or Germany or the UK). Russia could barely invade Ukraine successfully – much less any EU country.
      The reason the US has historically poured money into NATO was because America dictated NATO policy. The Russian complaint through the ages was that NATO was an American *puppet*.
      That Trump seems to not grasp any of that is truly appalling.

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  2. In answer to the original question, Bob, I believe that NATO will outlive Trump – he can’t just withdraw from the alliance with an executive order. Besides, all of his rants are for his base supporters – and they don’t get any baser.

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