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On Saturday I was sad to wake to the news of the death of the writer of my favourite hour of episodic television and indeed many peoples favourite hour.  Harlan Ellison the writer of the beloved original Star Trek episode City On The Edge of Forever has died at the age of 84.

Harlan is often acclaimed as the being the greatest sci-fi author of our time but to say such is not something he would approve of.  Not because he didn’t think he was a great… he was well known for his argumentative outlook on life and not giving up on grudges.  Rather Harlan didn’t like the term sci-fi or science fiction and he insisted his works were speculative fiction.  Additionally he didn’t think himself as an author.  Authors write books but writers write on anything and in any format and Harlan wrote anything from articles to TV shows…

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6 thoughts on “So long Harlan Ellison, writer of my favourite hour of TV ever… The City on the Edge of Forever

  1. He was great. He wrote many issues of Batman and Superman for DC Comics, too, and those were great, but City On The Edge Of Forever is one of the finest hours of TV ever produced. It’s just as terrific every time I watch it, and I watch it often as I own it on blu-ray.

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