Envisioning The American Dream

Vintage Poster Superman Diversity

Are truth and justice still part of the  American Way?

In Donald Trump’s America, these bedrocks of our democracy feel like they are eroding all too quickly

While our serial liar, bully-in-chief  has separated and contained children from their migrant families seeking asylum, banned Muslims from entering our country, zealously  promotes  fear against the browning of America, a real man of steel reminds us what it means to be an American.

Superman, champion of the oppressed, the defender of truth, justice, and the American way, is shown in this 1950 poster speaking to school children about the importance of respecting diversity.

Donald Trump may think he’s omnipotent, but he’s clearly no Superman.

“If YOU hear anybody talk against a schoolmate or anyone because of his religion race and national origin- don’t wait  tell: him that kind of talk is Un American”

vintage school textbookj cover Superman A cover for school textbooks in 1949 was distributed…

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